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Har Mard Ka Dard 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Sonu making bittergourd juice for Vinod. Anju thinks if she is imagining her and asks why did you come here? Sonu says she came to make bitter gourd juice for Vinod. Anju thinks she is getting mixed reactions and asks God if she shall thank God or feel bad for Vinod. She gets a message and sees selfie posted on social networking site. She is angry to see Vinod having kachori in the selfie. Anju thanks God for making Vinod have kachori. Sonu cries aloud hugging Dadi. Vinod asks if sasur ji is fine. Sonu accuses him for having kachori. Vinod says he is coming directly from gym and tells that his friends forced him to have a bite and pose with kachori. He promises her that he will not have anything. Anju asks him if she shall make tea? Sonu asks her not to add sugar. Vinod thinks Apsara told truth, now his chakri will become in the gym.

Vinod work out in the gym. Days are shown passing by. Vinod works really hard for over a month. A girl looks at him while heis exercising. Vinod sees woman staring at him. Vinod hears her thoughts. Woman thinks he has become macho and good. Vinod thinks his hard work pays off.

Vinod calls Monty and asks him to come to gym. Monty says he is good. Vinod gets ready to go to college. Sonu comes and says tshirt is tight. Vinod says he couldn’t wear this tshirt because of tummy and says people are looking at him again and again. He gives credit to her for making him fit and says girls think that he shall be hero and professors are jealous of him. He thanks her and goes. Sonu gets doubtful. Anju serves parathas to Bunno. Papa ji asks Bunno to give him more parathas. Anju taunts him and says he has already had 4 parathas. Vinod comes. Papa ji says if I hit upon on gym then a girl will eye me. Vinod is leaving for his college. Bunty comes on her bike and says hi to Vinod. Vinod tells Sonu that they are in the same gym. She asks what happened to his scooter and offers to drop him. Vinod thanks her.

Bunty says she will drop him daily if he wants. Vinod sits on bike and goes. Sonu thinks if I did mistake by sending him to gym and waits for Vinod to come. Vinod comes home. Sonu hugs him happily and goes to bring milk shake for him. Vinod rests on his bed. He gets Instructor’s call and tells that he was missing her. He tells that he had touched on that place and says he felt current in his body. He says your touch have power and laughs. Sonu hears him and gets jealous. Vinod says anyone will get impressed with your body. Sonu thinks he is talking to Bunty, but Vinod is actually talking to his instructor. He comes to gym and comes to know that Sonu cancelled his gym membership. Vinod is shocked and comes back home.

Rasika asks Sonu to do as she says. Vinod comes and greets Rasika. He asks Sonu, why did you cancel my membership. Sonu says whatever I have done is for your betterment. Vinod says you have made me mad. Sonu says you will feel guilty. Vinod asks if film is made here. Sonu says you can watch film in the morning and goes to bring Thepla for him.

Next morning, someone brings exercising machine treadmill for Vinod. Sonu says she bought it so that Vinod can do exercise at home. Vinod asks what was the need to get machine at home. Sonu says you get tired naa. Vinod says I would have talked to few people there while exercising. Sonu says I wanted to stop it. Everyone get happy seeing the exercise equipments. Vinod asks from where you got money. Sonu says her parents gifted her this. Papa ji says he will do exercises now and lose weight. Vinod says it will be in store room after 1 month. He tells Sonu why did she do this? Sonu thinks she wanted to end Bunty’s chapter from his life and says I thought you can spend more time with us. If you don’t like it then I will send it back. Vinod thinks he will go to gym anyhow.


Har Mard Ka Dard 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod and Bunty are in the gym. Bunty asks him to wear gloves and see his hands. He says even you are not wearing gloves and asks her to show her hand. Sonu gets angry seeing them touching each other hands, and warns Bunty to stay away from innocent Vinod.

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