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Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Jiggy bringing Bhavna home. Sonu and her parents get happy seeing Jiggy. Jiggy tells them that he saw Bhavna on road and she was looking shy. He says then I went into memory lane of childhood. He asks Sonu if she remembers their childhood games, and says Bhavna used to see our games silently. Sonu gets happy. Rasika tells Jiggy that he brought two good news. Tiku asks then who is this buffalo? Vinod is shocked. Sonu asks if you have lied. Rasika says what would have happened to Bhavna, if Jiggy was not here. Sonu thanks Jiggy and says you always make me happy, and my best friend. She says jiggy jiggy jiggy. He also says the same. Anju asks Vinod if he knows him. He takes out his locket and hears Rasika’s thoughts. Rasika thinks Jiggy would had been perfect husband for Sonu and don’t know what she saw in Vinod. He hears Sonu saying Jiggy has a dashing personality and wishes Vinod was like him. Vinod is shocked.

Next morning, Anju sees the calendar and thinks if today is Wednesday. She thinks to check and jumps on the bed to check again and steps on her husband’s shoulder. He gets angry. She says today is really Wednesday. She shows Kanno’s pic and asks her to tell her father that today is Wednesday. She goes out. Vinod happily tells her that today is Wednesday. Dadi and others ask what happened? Sonu asks her parents not to go. Rasika says we have to go as today is Wednesday. Tiku says Vinod got non refundable ticket and we have to go. He says one work is needed to be done. He goes near Vinod and then Bunno. He then makes Bunno’s hairstyle and says I have kept my feelings for long time Papa ji says even he has hidden his feelings and hugs Rasika saying he will miss her. Tiku is shocked. Papa ji says I will miss you too and hugs him. Sonu’s parents ask her not to worry as says when they are going, someone else will come. Door bell rings. Vinod opens the door and sees Jiggy. Sonu gets happy.

Jiggy enters and says hello everybody. Vinod asks him to go and come later. Tiku says he is childhood friend of Sonu. Vinod thinks that’s why I was making her go. Rasika says I called him as Sonu was upset as we are going. Jiggy tells them that he will not let Sonu upset and will make this as second home. They sit in the rickshaw. Sonu asks them not to eat any outside food and cries. They leave. Vinod tells Sonu that they will go and meet them. He then says that now there will be no line outside bathroom as Papa Tikku is gone. Sonu gets upset. Jiggy tells Vinod that he will try and cheer her up. He reminisces their childhood incident. They say gujrati poem. Vinod thinks this is dangerous poem for me and love poem for Jiggy. Anju comes and asks Vinod to come, and says these black clouds will go. Sonu tells Jiggy that he understands her very much.

Vinod drinks wine with Monty. Monty asks him to control Sonu. Vinod says he feels happiness seeing Sonu happy and don’t control her. Monty says Jiggy is impressing Sonu. Apsara comes and asks Vinod not to worry. She says Jiggy understands your wife and is showing that thing infront of you. Vinod asks did I ever compare Sonu with others. Apsara shows credit card and asks him to make Sonu shopping with his credit card to make her happy. Vinod orders credit card on phone and gets it on next day itself. He thinks this weapon will make me win from Jaggi. Sonu comes and tells Vinod that her clothes are missing. Vinod says I have hidden the dresses so as to buy new ones. Sonu says she will not be happy with dresses. Vinod shows the dress on his mobile and says he is thinking to buy it for Sonu. Kanno says we can buy for me. Vinod says he is thinking to fill her wardrobe with new dresses. Sonu gets happy and goes to get ready. Vinod thinks he will send Jiggy back to Ahmedabad.


Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Vinod rubs his locket and hears Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu compares vinod with Jiggy. She likes Jiggy’s dressing sense. She thinks why do her Vinod chill like Jiggy. Vinod looks on.

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