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Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod asking Mallika to check main switch whenever electricity goes and leaves in a hurry. Sonu sees him going. Mallika comes to her and tells that Vinod repaired her electricity fuse on her insistence and tells Sonu that she is so lucky. Sonu is upset. Apsara asks mallika what happened? And tells Vinod will not fall in her trap. Mallika says she will trap him. Papa ji sees Mallika through binoculars and thinks to prove that she is a witch. Mallika vanishes to go to Dev lok. Papa ji faints shockingly. Anju thinks he is acting and complains to Dadi. Dadi asks them to bring water. Kanno sprinkles on his face. Papa ji gains consciousness and tells that Dayan. Anju thinks he is calling her dayan and asks if he is not ashamed to stare neighboring girl. Dadi says girl is sweet and she gave me many Apps. Papa ji seeing Mallika appearing again and faints. Vinod comes back home and asks Sonu to give him tea. Sonu is upset. Vinod rubs his locket to know her thoughts.

Sonu thinks that when she asked him to repair remote, he was in a hurry and when Mallika asked, he agreed and helped her. Vinod asks Sonu to give remote. Sonu says Bunno repaired it. Vinod says he helped Mallika as she said that she is lonely woman. Sonu asks who am I then? She says she has problem as he didn’t help her, but helped other woman. Vinod folds his hands and do sit ups while apologizing. He falls down on bed with her. Sonu says she will forgive him on a condition and asks him to take her to watch film. Vinod says okay and asks where is Bunno. Bunno comes to Mallika’s house. Mallika asks you are here? Bunno says he is feeling thirsty and drinks water. He tells poetry and tells that he fell for her seeing her. Mallika says she understands his feelings, and asks him to come after growing up. Bunno gets Vinod’s call and says he will bring movie tickets. Mallika hears him and think to go on a date and laughs.

Mishra ji asks Vinod to come. Vinod says he has to take Sonu to watch film. Mallika comes infront of his scooter and asks him to hang her shopping bags to his scooter. Vinod refuses to take her and asks her to think what people will think. Mallika asks if you will leave me on the way. She sits on his scooter. Mishra ji clicks their pic. Sonu gets ready. Mallika wastes his time and takes him to more shops. Sonu calls Vinod. Vinod rejects the call. She takes him to more shops. Vinod asks mallika to hurry up as he has to go home fast. Sonu calls again. Mallika sits again and asks him to take chowk. Later in the night, he comes home after dropping Mallika. Before Suno could say, Vinod tells what she is thinking?

He says do you want to know why I reached late. He tells that Mishra ji fainted after having chaat. He tells that Doctor adviced him to rest for a week and have khichdi. Sonu says you did right and says we can watch film tomorrow. Vinod thinks he is saved and goes to freshen up. Mallika comes and says she came to thank Vinod. She tells that Vinod saw her in market and offered to take her for shopping. She says he held my hand and made me sit forcibly on his scooter. Sonu says she will tell him thanks. Mallika asks her to tell and says bye. Sonu is furious.


Har Mard Ka Dard 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonu asks Mishra ji if he is fine. Mishra ji says yes. Sonu asks him to have the food. Mishra ji eats it.

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