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Har Mard Ka Dard 4th April 2017 Written Episode


Har Mard Ka Dard 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 4th April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with Vinod searching for remote and thinks nothing is on place. Sona sees remote and hides behind her. She asks him to have tea. Vinod blames her for throwing it somewhere. Sonu asks him not to blame her and asks him to drink tea, else she will complain to Dadi. Vinod says okay, I will drink. He drinks tea and finds much salt in the tea. He thinks she added salt deliberately so that I apologize to her. He thinks he will not apologize to her and finished tea. Vinod acts as tea was good and says he will watch TV in the hall. Sonu thinks he drank happily and thinks if she added sugar instead.

Vinod runs to hall and vomits the tea. Papa ji asks what happened? Vinod tells him about his fight with Sona in the morning. Papa ji says you have drank salty tea, but don’t bear insult.

He says you are my son and don’t cut my nose. Vinod says I will not apologize to her and will make Sonu apologize, else you have to cut your moustache. Papa ji asks what you will do. Vinod sits in hall and shouts saying his foot is paining where ant bit him. Anju says she will bring ointment. Vinod says he read on the net that some ants are poisonous who had dhokla, khakra and the man can get mad also. Dadi says I will check the home remedy App. Vinod says nobody can stop me from getting mad. Sonu looks uninterested and is busy on phone. Vinod says I am suffering because of someone who is interested to play game.

Sonu says she knows special lep and says she will bring it. Papa ji tells Anju that some murder might happen today. Anju asks what? Papa ji tells that this night is dangerous for us and woman knows how to take advantage of our situation. He asks God to protect his son’s prestige. Vinod comes to room and sees the room decorated with candles and flowers. He sees Sonu standing wearing a nice outfit. She poses romantically. Aaj Ki Raat……..plays….

Vinod is shocked to see Sonu’s romantic side. Sonu says hi Vino. Vinod asks you was angry and asks how did she make the surrounding romantic. Sonu says I have thought a lot and came to the conclusion that life is just 4 days thing, if we get angry and get upset then when we will make love. Vinod asks what did you have today. Sonu says I am not joking and says I love you…and asks do you love me. Vinod says yes, even I love you. Sonu asks him to forget the fight. Vinod thinks Sonu has realized her mistake and hugs her tightly.

Apsara comes there and asks him not to get trap in net. She says I came here to warn you. Vinod signs her to go. Apsara asks him to listen. Vinod says I have no interest in your talks and asks her to leave. Sonu asks are you telling me? Vinod says I am not telling you. Sonu asks who is in this room. Vinod hugs her. Apsara thinks this is man’s problem, man gets lost in lovey dovey talks. Vinod is about to kiss Sonu. She moves and runs near the window, smiles.

Vinod sees mani and thinks to know Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu thinks she will make Vinod leave his ego and will trap him in her beauty trap. She thinks when he tries to come closer to me, I will ask him to say sorry. Vinod thinks so this is her romantic trap, and says I will not say her sorry. He holds the pillow and is going out. Sonu asks what happened. Vinod says he is having headache and going to sleep in open air. Sonu is shocked.


Har Mard Ka Dard 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rasika tells Sonu that today is Shamadivas/apology day and asks her to apologize to everyone. Sonu apologizes to everyone. Vinod looks on and waits for her to say sorry. She looks on.

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