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Har Mard Ka Dard 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod having rabdi, kachoris and asks Sonu if something is special. Sonu says some special guest is coming today. Mishra ji comes. Vinod is shocked. Mishra ji greets Sonu and tells that he got late as he went for shopping with his wife. Sonu says she called him for dinner, and tells that she made everything for him. Vinod greets him and tries to make him leave. He tells that Mishra ji can’t have this food and asks him to understand. Mishra ji says Puris and rabdis are calling me. Vinod says I can’t let you have this food and asks him to understand. Mishra ji takes the plate while Vinod tries to stop him. Anju asks what you are doing. Sonu says stop. She asks Mishra ji if he is fine. He says yes and says he will eat all the food. He eats everything. Vinod is caught. Sonu thinks until when you will lie. She accuses him for taking Mallika on his scooter ride. She says Mallika refused to sit on your scooter, and said what people will say, but you said that he don’t care if people see them. Vinod is shocked and tells that Mallika lied to her and says he said those words.

Sonu says you are lying again and says Mallika is a nice girl. Vinod says even he is nice. Apsara asks Mallika to accept her defeat, and asks her not to separate them. Mallika says she can do anything to get him. Vinod comes to her house and calls Mallika. Mallika says you came to my house and does poetry. Vinod says I want to talk to you. Mallika saya kaho na pyaar hai. Vinod asks what you are saying? He asks why did you tell Sonu that I forced you to sit on scooter. Mallika says it was for fun. He asks her to come with him and tell Sonu that he didn’t force her to sit on his scooter. Mallika says she will not. Vinod thinks to make the table turns.

Taneja asks Vinod what he is upto? He tells that Mishra ji clicked your pic and scolds him. Mishra ji takes his phone. Vinod scolds Mishra ji for landing him in trouble. Mishra ji says he didn’t show to Taneja intentionally. Vinod tells him that Mallika lied to Sonu and Sonu is believing her. He shares his plan with Mishra ji. Mishra ji calls Sonu and tells that he is a danger man kalan kaliya. He tells that he is coming to take revenge from Vinod for saving a girl from him yesterday. Sonu gets scared and calls everyone. Vinod asks Mishra ji to bring Gulati and attack him outside his house. He says I will hit you both and you shall escape. Mishra ji says ok. Vinod’s family members are ready to attack the goons. Vinod comes home and thinks where is Mishra ji and Gulati ji. Vinod calls Sonu. Before Vinod couldn’t act, Dadi and her team come there to attack them. They beat Mishra ji and Gulati. Sonu says even I wants to beat him. Mallika comes out of her house.

Bunno thinks I love her and thinks to show her that he is a hero. He asks everyone to move back and says he will see them alone He beats them. Papa ji sees Mallika and gets afraid, goes inside. Bunno says he has a hand of dhhai kilo. Vinod tells Sonu that Mallika said right, as he gave lift to her forcibly. He says now you understand why did I do this? He apologizes to Mallika and says I tried to save you from goons. I saw them coming near you and that’s why made you sit. Sonu asks did you do this without caring for your life, and says she can proudly say that her Vinod is her hero. Dadi says he has gone on his dada ji. Anju asks Mallika to thank him. Mallika says thank you. Vinod says you are always welcome. He smiles. Mallika is upset.


Har Mard Ka Dard 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Taneja scares Vinod asking about his married life. Later Sonu is leaving the house. Vinod tries to stop her.

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