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Har Mard Ka Dard 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Taneja asking Vinod and Mishra ji about their married life. He tells that Kali Saxena from education dept is enquiring about professors, and she opines that they shall have a good married life, and if she feels there is something wrong then she thinks it will be not good for the college and sends that professor to such place in Rajastan where there is no water and light. Mishra ji says his wife went to her mayka. Taneja says we will send kali saxena to Gulati’s house. Mishra ji says Gulati is going with his wife at that time. Taneja says then he will send kali saxena to Vinod’s house as his married life is good. Vinod says yes, my married life is good. Mallika dances in her house and tells Apsara that she will trap Vinod with her beauty. Vinod comes home and hears Mallika screams for help. He goes inside and asks what happened? Mallika says my Pallu is stuck and asks him to free it else she will die. Vinod asks her to think what people will say. He frees her pallu. She does magic on him and starts dancing. Vinod imagines Sonu leaving the house and shouts for help and runs out. He comes home and sees Sonu drinking medicine. He thinks she is drinking poison and throws the bottle. He says I won’t let you have poison. Sonu says it was cough syrup. Vinod says its date was expired and asks her to make tea for him. Dadi tells that they will go to temple and will have langar. Vinod says I can’t come as I have college. Sonu says even I can’t come.

Vinod tells that Kali Saxena is coming to college and Taneja will not give you leave until she goes. Papa ji is looking at Mallika through binoculars. Anju comes. He hides it. Punno comes to Mallika wearing clothes similar to SRK and talks like him. She slaps him lightly. Punno says he will make her hear his poetry. He says he is grown up now. Punno asks him to be more grown up and slaps him, laughs. Papa ji sees Punno in her house and thinks she is changing avatar also. He stops Punno from coming inside and says you will not be saved Dayan. Punno says he is grown up now, and says he is Punno. Papa ji says I will make you small. He beats him. Anju and Kanno comes to his rescue. Dadi asks him to shut up. Papa says he is dayan and not punno.

Sonu asks Vinod about Kali Saxena. Vinod says he has class late and romances with her. Sonu says she will go to sales. Vinod asks her to sweeten her mouth and kisses on her cheeks. He says he is lucky to have her, and thinks he can’t imagine someone else as his wife. He gets Taneja’s call and he informs him that Kali Saxena is coming to your house today with Mishra ji and Gulati ji and will stay there for 30 mins. He thinks to call Sonu back, but her phone is left at home. He thinks how to tell her that Kali saxena is coming to see our married life.

Kali Saxena comes to Vinod’s house. She gets a call and says husband shall accompany wife while she goes to market. Vinod thinks if I tell her that my wife went for shopping then she will get angry. Vinod greets her and asks her to come inside. She comes inside and says she is thinking to send Mishra ji to Rajasstan. She asks Vinod about his wife. Gulati asks if she went out. Vinod says she is in kitchen. He thinks what to do now.


Har Mard Ka Dard 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod tells that she is in kitchen. Kali Saxena tells that she will go to kitchen and check. Later Mallika comes out of kitchen and tells that she is mrs. Vinod khanna. Vinod is shocked.

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