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Har Mard Ka Dard 6th April 2017 Written Episode


Har Mard Ka Dard 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 6th April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Vinod telling Dadi that Sonu and he shall participate in the best couple competition. Sonu says I was thinking what we will get by fighting. Dadi says they will win best couple award and then we will go to have chole kulche. Anju says they will win. They come back from the competition. Bunno says my brother and bhabhi are best couple. Anju says she kept the sweets. Vinod says I am feeling proud on Sonu. Sonu says I can’t win any competition without you. She says we wouldn’t have won if you had not apologize. Vinod says you said me sorry and shows the message. Sonu checks the message and says she didn’t send the message. She tells that even she got sorry message. Vinod says you said me sorry else I wouldn’t had participated with you. Sonu says even me. Vinod says then who sent those message. Dadi says I have sent that message and tells that she can’t see them fighting and says when you got back together, you have won the best couple contest. She asks them to leave ego and apologize to each other. Vinod and Sonu say sorry to each other. Everyone claps. They feed sweet to each other. Sonu says chole and kulche is needed at this time.

Sonu meets her friends in a restaurant for a kitty party. She says lets play dumb sherads. Jyoti says you are dump to suggest this and asks everyone to gossip. She starts gossiping about neighbors and asks Sonu to gossip. Sonu says I know better than you, but I can’t gossip. Jyoti says you are my friend and you don’t know gossip. She says woman can’t stay without gossip and says shame shame on Sonu. Sonu feels insulted. Anju tells Dadi that neighbor girl is having an affair with two days. Dadi says it is like dual sim offer. Sonu comes home sad and tells that Jyoti taunted her as she don’t know gossip. Anju asks then what did you know? She says what your mum taught you then. Dadi says gossip is social networking. Anju says it is ornament of women and says it helps in digestion. Sonu asks do you know how to gossip. Anju and Dadi smiles. Anju tells Sonu about neighbor girl. Sonu says she knows. Dadi tells that Sharma ji’s wife ran away with milk man. Sonu says I know as I heard this in kitty party. She says she wants hot gossip, and wants to prove to Jyoti that she is not closed shopping mall. Vinod asks Sonu to smile. He asks what happened? Anju asks him to order 100 icecream and asks him to call neighbors.

Sonu thinks to find out about hot gossip. Laundry woman comes and asks them to give clothes, says she is busy and have to go to other 10 homes. Sonu gets happy and gives laundry clothes to the girl. She tells her that she will make tea for her and asks her to gossip. Laundry woman asks what do you want to know, and says even Sharma’s wife used to ask me then ran away with milk man. Sonu asks her not to tell her and asks her to go. Kanno comes and asks Sonu to let her open her eyes and ears then gossip keep on flowing in. Sonu praises to God and asks him to give her one gossip. Vinod comes to the icecream shop and orders 100 icecreams.

Taneja is eating icecream with a girl. Vinod sees him and thinks why he is tensed. Taneja tells that this icecream is tasty. Vinod looks at him. Taneja sees him and asks girl to come with her. The guys there gossip that College principal is roaming around with a girl. Vinod scolds the guys for talking rubbish. Papa ji and Bunno are gossip about film industry. Papa ji tells that a hero is having an affair. Anju says atleast you got a chance to run your film on single screen and taunts him. Vinod comes there and tells that he knows fresh gossip which happened infront of his eyes. Sonu asks Vinod to tell. Vinod asks her to ignore this. Sonu thinks to know the gossip and prove that she is not closed shop.


Har Mard Ka Dard 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Sonu asks Vinod to tell. Vinod tells that Taneja came to icecream parlour with a girl. Sonu thinks to inform her friends. Apsara tells Vinod that he shouldn’t gave told Sonu and says your job is at risk. Vinod is shocked.

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