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Har Mard Ka Dard 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sonu telling Vinod that she will not let this happen and says Vinod will be with you until you find the guy. Mallika hugs her and says Sonu, you are so good. Vinod looks on. Kanno spots Bunno outside the house and identify him. Bunno asks her to take the rings. Kanno says it is Papa ji’s ring. Mallika says she will meet the guys and will fail them if she don’t like. Sonu says ok.

Next day, Vinod rings the bell and calls the first chosen guy. Man comes and says he is Tanmey Tiwari. Mallika asks him to answer her and asks him to tell what is life’s techni color lively thing. Everyone thinks of an answer. Man answers Indra dhanush. Mallika asks if it is alive. Man answers peacock. Mallika says wrong answer and tells that right answer is buffalo as it was black, but gives white milk, eats grass and its blood color is red. She says if it keeps foot on someone, then that person’s feet get swollen and then have to applied haldi. She says this is techicolor lively thing and says you have failed. Man says he will come in next season. Vinod says next. Man comes and introduces himself as Dheeraj Kumar. Mallika questions him and asks him to say he will kill whom first if an old lady and a 20 years old girl come infront of his speedy car. Man answers that he will kill 80 years old lady as she has lived her life, but there is much to explore for the young girl and her marriage is remaining. Mallika says you want to kill 80 years old woman, but don’t want to put brakes. She asks him to leave.

Vinod says next. Mallika asks his name. man says yoyo Pony Singh and says he is musician. Mallika says musical question for you. She asks him to tell the name of the person in whose name hindu sanskriti reflects. He is not Indian, but hindu Devta is in his name. Sonu asks Dadi to search. Mallika says he is Maayi ka lal Jai Kishan or Michael Jackson.

Next guy comes and says he is a fighter. Mallika says rejected. Vinod says she wants to fail everyone and don’t want to marry. He says I won’t let this last guy fail. He tells her that he is feeling tired and needs break. Mallika says ok. He goes out and talks to the last guy. He rings the bell. Sonu says he is like Vinod. Man comes inside and touches Dadi and Anju’s feet. Mallika asks him what he do? He says he is a teacher.

Mallika asks his name. He says Ravi. She asks him to answer which is the coolest alphabet and gives him 10 seconds . Bunno tells the countdown. Mallika says now I will answer and says the coolest alphabet is B as it stays in between A C and calls him loser, laughs. Ravi says I am not yet failed and says now I will ask question, if you fail then you have to marry me. Vinod says he is right. Man says he needs to know her IQ. Sonu asks him to let him ask her question. Dadi says you know everything. Ravi asks her question and says which is the coolest alphabet. Kanno and others say that Mallika said B. Ravi says other than B and says your 10 seconds start now. He starts the countdown. Mallika thinks of an answer. Sonu says he shall marry mallika. Dadi says he is a nice guy. Time up. Vinod says congratulations…and says Mallika have to marry now. She says she can’t lose until she gets answers. Ravi says coolest alphabet is E and says thandaye (Thanda e). Vinod asks Ravi to call his parents and says he is as intelligent as you.


Har Mard Ka Dard 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi’s parents come to see Mallika and likes her. Sonu says lets starts roka ceremony. Apsara thinks I can’t marry, and have to do something.