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Har Mard Ka Dard 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Vinod is irked with Jiggy. Anju asks Jiggy if he don’t get paratha in America. Jiggy says he couldn’t get paratha made by motherly love. Anju gets touched. Jiggy sees her hand and tells that he will bring her special dishwasher. Vinod looks on surprised. Anju goes to bring hot parathas for him. Jiggy thanks her. Bunno tells Jiggy about his album. Jiggy says you will kill America with songs. Kanno asks for me. Jiggy promises to get her photo shoot close to statue of liberty and says he will make her famous. Kanno says then she will leave paratha. Vinod says I will talk to Chaddha and he will make your good portfolio, and tells Bunno that he will make him get a job at band and then he will get famous. Bunno says he don’t want to ruin his name. Papa ji comes. Before Vinod could say anything, Papa ji hugs Jiggy saying he is his business partner. Vinod thinks Jiggy is wooing everyone. He thinks to take his family for shopping so that they forget Jiggy. He tells everyone that they are going for a shopping. Papa ji asks if he won lottery. Anju says jiggy will also come with us. Vinod thinks I thought to go on a shopping so that I am a step ahead of him, and thinks how to stop Jiggy. Jiggy agrees to come.

Vinod calls Monty and tells him that he is taking Sonu and everyone for shopping, but Jiggy is also coming. Monty asks him not to take Jiggy and says he is the real trouble. Vinod says shall I put him in the bag. Monty says that way you will land in jail, and asks him to stop him somehow. Just then Vinod sees Apsara dancing belly dance and tells Monty that cat entered his room. Apsara says hi and says you are my sole audience. I will kill you by my belly dance and asks him not to touch her, as her belly is having current and vibrating. Vinod asks did you any work straight. Apsara says Indra bhagwan have liked, shared and subscribe my dance. Vinod asks her to tell idea. Apsara tells him that if you run after fish, it will go, but if stay silent, it will come to you. Vinod dislikes her idea. Apsara says you should talk nicely to people. She makes him dance as she passes current in his body and then relieves him. She then locks him and goes. Vinod comes out of window and thinks he got an idea now.

Jiggy and Sonu playing on the road. Vinod comes. Jiggy asks him to play. Vinod asks them to play and asks if he can repair his laptop from virus attack. Jiggy says you came at the right person and tells Sonu that he will repair in 2 mins. Vinod says Dadi and Maa are calling you to kitchen. Sonu gets tensed. Jiggy comes to repair his laptop. He checks laptop, meanwhile Vinod locks Jiggy and brings rickshaw. He tells Sonu and Anju that Papa ji and Bunno must have reached there. He says we will have dinner after shopping. Kanno and Anju gets happy. Anju asks about Jiggy. Vinod says he went to Ahmedabad may be due to emergency. Jiggy knocks on the door and calls Vinod. Vinod says Sharma ji brought music system and may be this sound is coming from there. Vinod gets a call of Taneja. Anju goes to pack parathas. Vinod says I have stopped making paneer. Taneja says I called you due to helplessness and says replacement professor have left the job and says you are my only hope, asks him to come now itself and handle the mischievous kids.

Vinod says I can’t come today. Taneja asks him to come else he will fire him. Vinod says okay. He tells Anju and Sonu that Taneja called him to college and he has to go. Sonu and Anju get upset. Vinod gives his credit card and asks them to shop without worries. He says we will meet for dinner. He apologizes to Sonu. Sonu forgives him for last time. Taneja introduces Vinod to his students and asks if they recognize him. He tells that Vinod will take 4 extra classes today. Vinod gets tensed. Just then his phone rings. Jiggy is on the call and tells you have forgotten to close the window. He says I came for shopping with everyone and have your credit card. Vinod asks him not to use his card and says it is his hard earned money. Jiggy says he will make his family have much shopping and spend much money. Vinod says no. Jiggy tells him that he will send him pics. He then click family selfie and sends to Vinod. Vinod gets credit card swipe messages and gets shocked to see 10000, 15000, 20000 Rs shopping amount and thins Jiggy will make me bankrupt. He asks his students to take out their books.

Later he sees Sonu kissing her pics and asks who is the boy with him. Sonu says he is Jiggy and people used to think that we are girlfriend and boyfriend as he used to eat from my tiffin. Vinod gets upset. He holds his locket and hears Sonu’s thought. Sonu thinks that don’t know why people are jealous of Jiggy. She says his dressing sense is good and not like Vinod. All neighbors know what will Vinod wear and says why can’t he be cool like Jiggy. Vinod gets upset.


Har Mard Ka Dard 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Vinod tells Apsara that he wants to win Sonu’s heart. Later he comes home in a completely different avatar after his makeover. Kanno shouts Veere..Vinod smiles. Everyone is surprised.

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