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Har Mard Ka Dard 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Apsara telling mallika that her tricks have failed badly and asks her to stop conspiring and return to Dev lok. Mallika says she will play few more tricks and then leave. Apsara asks her to think what to do in her engagement and says she will dance in the bottle. Mallika gets angry. Papa ji thinks ghost is getting married. Bunno says he has to see his love getting engaged. Ravi’s parents comes. His mum likes Mallika and says she seems to be like apsara. Mallika thinks she has to do something and does magic on Ravi’s father. He winks his eye. Anuj complains to Dadi. Then she does magic on his mum and she flirts with papa ji.

Vinod asks Mallika and Ravi to get comfortable and goes. Mallika does magic on Ravi. He signs Kanno to come. They go to Dadi and complain. Dadi says we will not let Mallika marry in this family. Vinod comes and is shocked. He thinks what is happening. Dadi and her team beat them. Mallika enjoys smiling. Vinod tries to stop them. Mallika gives a victorious look. Mallika says she wanted to marry, but. They make Ravi and his family leave. Vinod tells Mallika that he will get her married. Mallika says good morning to Vinod and asks him to drink tea with her, and asks why is he wasting with his old scooter. Vinod says this means a lot to me. Mallika laughs on him. Vinod says this scooter is with him since he earned money and bought it. He says he has many memories attached to it. Mallika says sorry and says I don’t know you have so much love with this scooter. She says she will take his pic with the scooter and clicks his pic. She says pic is good and says she will forward it to Sonu.

Vinod gets Mishra ji’s call and goes inside. Later Mallika gets an idea and laughs. Vinod gets ready to go to college. Sonu asks him to give hug. He hugs her and goes. Mallika comes and sits beside her. She does magic on TV. Sonu says what happened to it. Mallika asks her to sell TV on the website and click pic. Sonu is about to click her pic. Mallika asks her to click TV’s pic and asks her to write address and name. She changes the pic to Vinod’s scooter and thinks his scooter is gone.

Taneja introduces Vinod and his scooter to reporter and tells that he thinks of his scooter as his friend and never thinks of selling it. Mishra ji and Gulati praise Vinod. Taneja says he is great as I am guiding him. Reporter says I will click your group pic. Bunno tells everyone that he saw dream. Kanno teases him. Sonu gives tea to vinod and gets a call. She calls the customer at home. Vinod asks her about it. Sonu tells that their TV is not working and she put adv on the website, and customer is ready to buy it for 10000. Vinod thinks Sonu do everything right.


Har Mard Ka Dard 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Customer comes home and says he is eager to buy the scooter. Everyone is shocked.