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Har Mard Ka Dard 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Har Mard Ka Dard 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Sonu kissing her pics and asks who is the boy with him. Sonu says he is Jiggy and people used to think that we are girlfriend and boyfriend as he used to eat from my tiffin. Vinod gets upset. He holds his locket and hears Sonu’s thought. Sonu thinks that don’t know why people are jealous of Jiggy. She says his dressing sense is good and not like Vinod. All neighbors know what will Vinod wear and says why can’t he be cool like Jiggy. Vinod gets upset.

Har Mard Ka Dard 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Sonu and Jiggy playing games. They reminisce their childhood. Vinod comes and asks them to grow up, childhood is gone. Sonu asks him why is he interfering? Jiggy tells Sonu that he will take her to watch her favorite movie. Sonu asks him to book a ticket. Jiggy says he will book all theatre. Kanno thinks bhabhi is lucky. Vinod thinks he is her husband and thinks to make her happy and surprise her. He tries to do his makeover and finds woman sweeping the room. He thinks his mummy must have hired her, and asks her to sweep it later. She turns. He is shocked to see Apsara and asks if she is kicked out from her world. Apsara says she thought to try something else and asks what happened to him, if he is trying to compete with Jiggy, and says he is jaan of all Patiala and his smile

wins heart. Vinod says he wants to win only Sonu’s heart. Apsara thinks he has her special blessings. Vinod comes to saloon with Monty. Hair dresser tells that he will style his hairs uniquely. He says okay.
Later he comes home. Kanno shouts Veere….Papa ji laughs and asks if he is coming out from hospital and laughs. Vinod says this is style. Kanno laughs and says it seems you are coming out from washing machine. Dadi asks why he became Ipad. Anju also laughs. Bunno says you are looking poor’s Michael Jackson. Vinod realizes nobody likes his new style. Sonu comes there. Vinod turns to her. Sonu says you are looking cute and rockstar type. She says we will click selfie on your scooter and send to my friends. Everyone is surprised. Sonu likes the pics. Vinod shows ticket of SRK film. Jiggy comes and hugs Sonu, shows SRK film tickets. Vinod comes and asks her to come. Sonu asks him not to feel bad and says she is going with Vinod as she saw all SRK films after marriage with him only. She asks him to take Dadi with him. Jiggy says he has a surprise for her. Sonu gets happy hearing surprise.

Vinod thinks what is this? He couldn’t start his scooter. Sonu says she will change her dress and come. They come to the theatre. Vinod calls Monty and tells that he is very uncomfortable in leather jeans. Monty asks him to bear for wife. Sonu tells that there is a crowd in the theatre and that they will get late. Vinod asks everyone to move and signs Sonu to come. Everyone claps for them. Sonu takes selfie and sends to Dadi. Dadi reminisces her husband and says Vinod is like his dada. Anju and Papa ji argue. Anju complains that Pinky Papa ji never took her to wash even trailer. Dadi says your roti is rotten. Sonu and Vinod sit in the theatre to wash film. Sonu says you are my hero. The film begins Love you Zindagi.

Vinod feels uncomfortable and tells Sonu that he will come in sometime. He goes to washroom and takes out his pant, feels relieved, but when he tries to wear it back, he couldn’t and thinks what to do and take help. Sonu calls Vinod, but his phone is there itself. Apsara comes there and says she came to watch film. He asks her to close her eyes and help him wear pant. She appear infront of him and tries to help him, but couldn’t make him wear pant. She then gets an idea and gets an oil, asks Vinod to rub on his legs and then the pant will be easy to wear. He rubs oil and wears the pant. Apsara tells him that she needs to go as interval is over. Vinod feels the oil bad smell and comes out to wash his hands, but sees his pant stitching opens at his back and gets shocked. Sonu thinks if Vinod slept in the washroom.


Har Mard Ka Dard 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jiggy and Kanno comes to the theatre. Jiggy tells Sonu that he has a surprise for her and says SRK is coming. Sonu, Kanno and others get happy seeing SRK (may be duplicate). Vinod looks on shocked.

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