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Har Mard Ka Dard 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Customer coming to buy Vinod’s scooter while everyone think that he came to buy TV. He says he likes its blue color. Everyone says it is black color. Customer says what he will do with TV. Dadi says you came to buy TV. Customer says he already has 42 inches TV. Papa ji asks why did you come and says did you come to tease us. Vinod asks where did you see adv? Customer says he saw the adv on the website and says he saw his pic with scooter. He shows the pic. Vinod shows it to Sonu. Sonu says she kept the TV ad. Vinod apologize to the man and says he will not sell his scooter. Customer says he will take scooter and leave. Vinod gets upset and goes inside. Sonu follows him.

Mallika laughs and tells Apsara that until now Vinod must have realized that Sonu tried to sell his scooter. Vinod gets angry at Sonu and says you always wanted to sell my scooter. Sonu says I don’t want. Vinod asks her to go. Sonu asks where? She talks to mallika and says she mistakenly uploaded his scooter pic.. Mallika asks if any customer came. Sonu says yes, but Vinod made him go. Mallika says I will make him understand. She waits for Vinod to come. She tells him that she asked Sonu not to put adv, but she was adamant. Vinod says nobody can separate him from his scooter. Everyone try to cheer up Vinod and asks him to have food. He refuses. Dadi asks Sonu to make him have food. Vinod takes the plate and tells everyone that he will have food. They all leave.

Sonu tells Vinod that she didn’t upload that pic and promises him. Vinod tells her that his scooter is precious to him, and your tears are not less precious. Sonu hugs him. Anju says everything is well. Papa ji says I have saved the scooter. Duggi Don comes to their house with his goons. Everyone is scared hearing Duggi Don’s name. Duggi Don asks them to give blue color scooter. Vinod says it is not for sale. Duggi Don says he came to get it for free and says he sent his man yesterday with the money. He asks him to either give the scooter or take bullets. Vinod is scared. Bunno says we shall sit and talk. Papa ji says we shall talk. Anju says I will make tea for you all. Duggi Don says he don’t drink tea. Papa ji says we shall drink. He says he don’t drink today. Papa ji says iron is not bought on Saturday and asks him to take it on Sunday and have peg too. Don agrees and says I will come tomorrow, says his name is duggi don. Vinod is shocked.


Har Mard Ka Dard 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Papa ji asks Vinod to use his brain. Kanno says we shall not take panga with Don and says it is better to buy new scooter. Sonu says I am sure Vinod will save the scooter.