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Har Mard Ka Dard 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Sonu coming out of theatre during interval. Vinod also comes out of washroom. Jiggy comes there with Kanno and says he thought to watch film with her, but as she went with Vinod, then she came with Kanno. Kanno asks where is Vinod? Sonu says he went to washroom then….Jiggy says how can anyone leave his beautiful wife to watch film alone, and says I knew that Vinod will spoil your mood. He says I have a surprise for you which will make your day. Vinod looks on upset. A guard stops Vinod and asks him to show ticket. Vinod checks ticket and says it is with his wife. Guard tells that he tried to enter theatre without ticket and says he can know seeing his torn clothes and bad smell coming from him. Vinod waits outside for Sonu. Sonu, Jiggi and kanno come out of theatre.

Sonu asks Vinod where he was? Before Vinod can say anything, Jiggy asks him why did he leave his wife and says anyone can get a chance to flirt with his wife, and says he is joking…..Sonu smiles. Jiggy calls someone and asks him to come. Duplicate SRK comes in the car. Everyone run towards the car making Vinod falls down.
The reporters see Vinod torn pant and takes video. Vinod says he is going to get his pant stitched. Sonu and everyone think that he is real SRK. Duplicate SRK gives flower. Jiggy jumps on the car and gets the flower. Fake Duplicate leaves. Jiggy tells Sonu that SRK is his childhood friend and gave flower to her on his insistence. Kanno tells Jiggy that she wants to talk to him. Jiggy says he will call him. He calls duplicate and tells that his friend is his big fan. Duplicate talks to Sonu and says hi…He says he has to leave seeing the crowd, and promises to have lunch in her house…..Sonu gets happy. Duplicate SRK says don’t say bye, we will meet. Sonu is surprised and happy, says it is best day of her life and hugs Jiggy. Vinod is shocked and sad.

Vinod talks to Monty and tells him that he got rid of those leather clothes. Monty says I tried to tell you that Jiggy is playing game with you. Vinod says I will see….Sonu asks Jiggy if he loves someone. Anju asks if he fell in love for real. Jiggy tells that he used to love Donald Trump’s daughters. Everyone is surprised. He says Trump came to him with marriage proposal, but he refused. He then shows Shakira’s pic and says he is in love with her. Bunno says She is Shakira…..Jiggy asks if you are doubting on me and says he will call her. He makes a call to Duplicate SRK and calls him Shakira. Duplicate SRK talks to Anju in woman’s house. Anju gets happy hearing her and think she is Shakira. She asks her to food well. Papa ji asks Jiggy if he knows Trump. Jiggy says yesterday he sent courier aloevera oil to him and calls Duplicate SRK and refers him as Donald. Duplicate SRK talks like Donald Trump and tells a hindi dialogue. Papa ji gets happy. Dadi takes phone from him.

Jiggy sees Sonu standing on the window and says Vinod might give her surprise daily and romance with her. Sonu says yes. Jiggy says he must have been taking you for date and praises her. Sonu says no. Jiggy says he must be making you laugh becoming Chimpanzee and monkey. Sonu cries and says no. Jiggy smiles. Monty hears them and stops Vinod on the way. He asks him to rush home fast as Sonu is crying. Vinod goes home angrily and asks Jiggy to come out.

Jiggy comes there. Vinod asks him why did he make his wife cry and asks him to leave. Jiggy sees Sonu coming and says I will leave. Sonu stops him. She says Jiggy didn’t make her cry, but she is crying because of him. Vinod asks why? Sonu asks when did you take me on date last….Vinod laughs and says date…..He says we went during summer. Sonu says you never took me on date. Jiggy asks Sonu not to talk to her husband like this and instigates her against Vinod. He says Vinod must have forgotten being busy and says he will fix everything and will plan date for them. Vinod says I can play our own date. Jiggy says I am not your enemy, but your friend…Vinod thinks Jiggy is a nice guy and apologizes to him. Jiggy says you shall not apologize to me and says he will make a memorable date for them. He then plays with Sonu.


Har Mard Ka Dard 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonu gets happy seeing decorated scooter of Vinod. Jiggy says he has booked BMW car for them. Vinod says they will go on a date on scooter. Sonu gets sad.

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