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Har Mard Ka Dard 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Dadi stylish Anju’s hairs. Anju asks her to handle with care. Dadi asks her to care for her hairs like her. Anju asks where Sonu and Vinod are going? Papa ji says Jiggy must be sending them to America or Russia. Dadi reminisces her first date. Anju tells her that she met Kanno’s papa in the hospital. She says he held my hand. Papa ji gets irked and asks when Vinod is taking Sonu. Vinod hears them and thinks what to say. Sonu comes and gives costly hair oil to Dada ji brought from Ahmedabad. Kammo and Dadi ask where she is going on a date. Sonu says it is a secret and I will not tell anyone. Vinod comes and says he has taken off tomorrow as they met for the first day on that day. Sonu says I forgot. Vinod asks what do she wants?

Vinod asks her to give date hint.Sonu signs no. Jiggy says he knows about Sonu’s date and asks Vinod to see her with his eyes, and says Sonu wants a romantic evening. Everyone claps for him.. Vinod says she doesn’t want ring or king and the place will be special wherever they are. Everyone applaud for him.

Kanno asks if you have planned to date in Patiala palace and says it is an amazing place. Jiggy says Patiala palace, and says okay….I will fix their date there and all expenses will be from my side as a gift. Sonu refuses. Vinod shakes his hand. Jiggy takes back his hand. Sonu hugs Vinod. Later Vinod asks Kanno to do his work and is leaving with Sonu for date.

Sonu gets happy seeing the decorated scooter and says I don’t know that you are so romantic. Jiggy asks her not to sit in humpty dumpty scooter and says he has booked BMW for them. Sonu gets happy. Vinod says we are not taking all neighborhood and says they will go on their scooter. Sonu says yes, our scooter is ours….Vinod senses Sonu is upset and tells Jiggy that they will go in the car. In the car, Sonu tells Vinod that palace is gone behind. Vinod says they will have a perfect date before. He get romantic, and stops car seeing the lamps on the road. Car stops on the way. Sonu says we have to reach palace soon else it will be closed.

Vinod tells that Jiggy has done this purposely and tells that he tried to make her happy, but she never gets happy. Sonu looks upset. Vinod says I will bring mechanic. Apsara comes infront of him and complains about men. Vinod says it is not easy to make woman happy. Apsara says woman’s love is like flower, and says it will blossom with your love and when you stops loving, it will end. He takes lift. Jiggy comes to Sonu and tells that he came to know that someone kept water in the car. He says he brought battery now and tells that he saw Vinod going angrily and taking out his anger. Sonu says how can he do this? Jiggy asks her to enjoy all alone, and says if Vinod loves you then he will come. He promises to take her to palace.

Monty and Kanno come to Vinod and tells that Jiggy took Sonu to Palace. Jiggy takes Sonu to palace and says you should stay as a queen. Sonu is upset. They see the road block. Vinod runs on the road to reach palace. Jiggy says Palace is going to close soon. We shall have a selfie. Sonu says but. Jiggy says I am with you. He takes selfie. Sonu smiles. Vinod comes and drags Sonu. Sonu says you came…and says palace is going to close. Vinod says date was never planned here and asks her to come, so that they can click their selfie. He holds her hand and walks off.

He takes her to dargah. Monty, Kanno and Jiggy also come there. Vinod tells Sonu about the dilbar baba’s dargah. He stops Jiggy and says only couples are allowed and asks him to take care of their shoes and slippers. Sonu asks him to keep eye on her sandals and says it is costly. He asks Sonu to cover her head as they get inside and sit in the dargah. Vinod tells Sonu that whoever ties the holy thread here will be together for forever. He reads a poem and says did you remember when I said this poem, and shows the perfume she had gifted him. She shows her first love letter, book in which she has written his name, and shows the stick of candy floss which they had. He says he can’t afford to take her to palace, and tells that he loves her very much and nobody loves her so much than him. Sonu says she is his heart’s queen. Jiggy gets irked and thinks to return to make Vinod lose. Kanno and Monty are happy also seeing Sonu loving Vinod’s romantic date. Vinod asks if you are happy? Sonu says so much. They return on a scooter.


Har Mard Ka Dard 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Apsara asks Vinod if he lost his mani. Vinod says yes. Apsara says I have selected you from crores of men, and says you will lost the mani. She punishes him and says you will not understand women’s talk now. Vinod couldn’t hear Sonu.

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