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Ikyawann 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sushil Leading In Basket Ball Match


Ikyawann 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Naresh Nitish and Shivam searching for ball in store,naresh says I won’t listen a word oh phui now,tomorrow Sushil will go and play,they find a mani queen.phui invites few ladies and says now I begin my moun vrat,and begins with ritual,other ladies begin with arti and pooja,Nitesh slowly calls sushil in room,naresh says see on your way leave me to shop,sushil says where,naresh says match,sushil says says but phui said no,naresh says phui said yes remember jijaji spoke to her,and she said yes,sushil says really.

Phui walks in kitchen,Nitesh says sushil is making laddus,phui signs get water,Nitesh says okay you seat u will get water,she leaves,its mani queen and Shivam operating her. Naresh says it’s small pooja,Nitesh says sushil first go give everyone water,naresh says didn’t phui say yes,Nitesh says yes you go ask her,naresh says but she can’t her fast began,Nitesh says sign her like this and she will answer now go give her water,sushil says okay and leaves.

Sushil says phui,phui signs ding talk,sushil signs ask Nitesh said,phui nods yes,naresh asks how,Shivam says Nitesh uncle,Nitesh says sushil signed ball but phui thought laddus.nitesh and naresh wish sushil good look and she leaves.

Satya in college,a girl says Satya sir you,Satya puts hands across her shoulder and says Beauty with Brains but where is your captain,sushil comes and says get ready,Satya says everyone is ready except you,and gives jersey,sushil says tattoo boy,this is yours and that’s mine.satya says I can see but my jersey and me we are always first,and number one is close to me as close as you are too your mapa,a boy says sir this jersey has Sushil’s name,Satya calls a girl carrying colours and says everyone please close your eyes and starts taking off shirt,he whistle and boys make a round against him and he comes out with changed jersey and Satya written in place of sushil and all cheering for him.

Satya walks to sushil and says sorry number one is mine and lucky for me and thank you and now go get ready and your team I not you are threat to me but where there is no threat there isn’t Satya,all the bets guys,Satya leaves teasing sushil. Sushil’s friend says Satya sir is so focused and don’t worry sushil let me write your name on this jersey.

Satya and his team enter,commentator says wow as unique as always Satya is wearing blue unlike his team,blue team members are here but their captain isn’t. Sushil says Satya you shall face your biggest threat and I will win the match for sure. Sushil enters the basket ball court.sushils jersey number is 51. The match begins,team blue i.e Sushil’s team makes first basket,sushil make sanother basket and Satya and Suhail give each other cold looks.

Satya cheers his team and the game begins,sushil makes naother few baskets with score 8 and Satya team on zero,Sushil says by wearing my jersey you won’t win and the match is on break. Jiggi says I taught you but you so slow,Satya says she is too fats and I know to control her speed and pours water on himself and announces soon the game shall change and the game begins.suhsil says let’s finish, Satya misses a basket,sushil about to make basket,Satya releases her head and she misses the basket,he smiles and gets back to game and makes a basket.suhsil says you can’t win without cheating,Satya says sorry and hands her the bow.

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Ikyawann 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Leela says what is my Satyas bike doing here and gets in college.and sees sushil. Sushil about to fall, Satya holds her.

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