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Ikyawann 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

susheel Leading In Treasure Hunt.


Ikyawann 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 13th December 2017 Episode start With Susheel gets confused on Darika questioning about Laddu making. Shivam acts from behind. Susheel remembers the poem that Shivam taught her and she says that. Darika says tomorrow morning…. Mehul says she will go to college and asks her to focus on studies.
Sejal was sleeping beside Leela and she tries to escape while she could not as Leela ties her hand with her saree.

Sejal gets furious and says to herself that Leela does not know that who is she dealing with. Meanwhile gives sandles to Naresh saying that he always runs barefoot. Susheel asks him about the Laddu mystery. Naresh says he asked Shivam to make Laddu. Susheel says she will make Laddu in the morning and will tell the truth to Fui Ba.
Naresh asks her to concentrate in her college competition. Sejal runs away from Leela room while Leela comes to know and she follows her. Sejal looks at her and gets scared. Sejal decides her plan formula number 20. She turns around and pretends to act like she is sleepwalking.

Leela saying you are acting in front of me and she goes to test her. Leela takes a knife. Sejal gets scared. Sejal says she is nothing compared to me. Leela tries to scare her with the knife attack while Sejal keeps on walking.
Leela gets shocked while unfortunately Sejal speaks out thanking God. Leela listens and shouts her to stop the drama. Gulabo shouts on Sejal on Leela’s saying. Kali tells Leela that she must get to meet her husband after the marriage and says she is doing wrong. Leela says she was in relationship with him for so long and she must have the after marriage relationship with Vishu from that time. Sejal feels bad and says atleast accept her as her daughter in law.

Meanwhile, everyone cheer for Susheel in the college and Satya makes his entry and his friends cheer for him. Satya’s brother comes there and says if she keeps his arrogance than he will surely loose his challenge. Satya says he will treasure hunt as well as Susheel. The treasure hunt game begins. Susheel and her gang find the first clue horse. While Satya and his friends reach the wrong destination i.e a tree. Susheel and her friends find a gun in the sand. Susheel hides it. Satya friend looks it in Susheel’s hand and he shows it to Satya. Satya runs to steal it from Susheel and the papaer falls from it.

Susheel and Satya have a dog and the bone moment for the paper. While Susheel’s mate shows some action to her and she throws the paper to him with her leg. Susheel’s team win the 1st clue. They check their 2nd clue. Susheel and her group run to library while Satya and his group also run to reach there. Susheel and gang find the 3rd clue and they run to the canteen. Satya feels they lost the game as Susheel’s game is ahead.


Ikyawann 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Susheel reaches the chemistry lab and some chemicals fall from her hand. She gets the clue and she gets faint. Satya comes there he takes the clue and looks at Susheel and thinks about winning the game or his bet.

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