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Ikyawann 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sushil’s Team Wins Treasure Hunt


Ikyawann 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Sushil closer to her clue,sushil to her team says according to the clue the keys have to be somewhere near,her friend searches near the temple and finds it,her supporters start cheering for her,sushil say sguys you go ahead I will get the clue,Satya says you got the keys but I shall win the game,sushil drops choloform on her hand and smells it by mistake,she finds the clue but starts feeling giddy,and faints .

Gulabo says arrange these pots properly and stop making faces Sejal,Kali and Vishu see her upset,Kali asks she is so lonely,tell me how use to cheer up when she use to be upset,Vishu says I never allowed here to be she never was to be so silent,but I have an idea and says ma make me an banana shake and Sejal you Learn too even dadi likes it,Leela walk in and says Sejal cmon make some. Sejal imagines forcing bananas into Leelas mouth and says keep troubling me,Vishu says puchku what’s wrong,Sejal starts laughing,gulabo says Sejal quickly,and look you dropped the jar.

Vishu says ma Switzerland should we go there for honeymoon,Sejal very happy,Kali says good book tickets quickly,I shall leave for clinic,gulabo says don’t be happy ba hasn’t learnt about it yet.satya gets in the lab and starts looking for scroll he drops chlorophorm too but washes his hand starts searching again,he finds it on floor and says where did she go,sushil throws a bowl at a chemical and faints again,Satya sees her.

Satya says she fainted god,he looks at the scroll and says what will I do,he remembers the insult and the challenge,and fills the bowl with water and splashes water over her face,and sees acid fallen on ground and approaching sushil and checks on internet what to do in chemical lab if someone faints and starts acting accordingly,he finds hydrogen sulphate and smells it to sushil,sushil wakes up,Satya says looks there’s acid on floor get up and holds her,and Satya thinks let me lift her today for challenge and tomorrow will push her when will ditch and lifts sushil in his arms.

Sejal and Vishu tells Leela about Switzerland,she says wow nice,Vishu you work a lot,so roam two or three more countries and pots the milkshake in ice tray and says you fooled me now go fool around,but after sometime,I will book your tickets,but first let pooja take place,maid informs Panditji has arrived,Leela says jhano let’s go and leaves.

Satya says guys get first aid box and water,sushil has injury in head and she tries to get up,he says stay,and calls Kali,Kali asks yes tell me,Satya asks if there’s injury what should be done,Kali asks what happened how did you hurt yourself,Satya says ma I’m fine Sushil hurt herself,
Sushil says aunty it’s me sushil,event management,and I injured my head during competition,Kali asks did Satya did something,Satya says ma tell me quickly,Kali says there’s anti septic in your bag,but what are you doing in college,Satya cuts the call,Satya cleans her wound very carefully,and aids it,he drops the box by mistake,her friend gets the scroll,sushil leaves with them,Satya turns around and sees sushil leave with friends.

Sushil running and Satya following her,near the staircase Satya injures his leg,sushil reaches sthe end line and rings the bong,Satya comes there with wounded leg and sits down,jiggi says it’s ok bro don’t cry,Satya says it’s just a cramp,and anyways she had the score, but my leg,sushil and team starts singing the songs in the scroll, all congratulate sushil.

Satya says no issues jiggi good she won,now competition equal in next round and I didn’t want to cheat this time but oh this pain,sushil feels bad and says to her friends Satya could win but he stopped to save me help me,announcement is made that sushil and Satya are on same points now,sushil says don’t give my team points sir.

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Ikyawann 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sushil says Satya stopped there to help me,even he could take the scroll and run away but he didn’t,he helped me.satya walks to sushil and puts friendship hand forward.

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