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Ikyawann 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Leela Troubles Sejal


Ikyawann 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 15th December 2017 Episode start With Susheel saying don’t give me any points, Satya got that scroll before, Satya has won, he had stopped to help me, nothing seems right to me, I don’t like to win this way. Satya says you were hurt, I had to save you, if I ran with the scroll, I would have won the competition, but I would have lost to myself, its okay, our scores are equal now, we will have fun in next round. Everyone claps. The man announces the dance face off will declare the winner. Susheel smiles seeing Satya.

Leela talks to pandit and says my grandson’s wife cheated and came in this house, since then bad things are happening. Sejal comes there. She says this is not pandit, he is Chaman uncle, he sells kids’ undergarments. He gets embarrassed. Sejal says there is some confusion. Leela says I know, he has that business. Chaman says Sejal, you got many problems in your marriage, I have a solution, you have to do some tasks, then your married life will have peace. Leela says she will surely do, she loves Vishu, she will do anything for his sake. A maid falls down. Leela scolds her. Sejal agrees to do the tasks. She asks Chaman what she has to do. He asks her to place Ganesh idol in north direction. Sejal says I will do this in morning. He asks her to catch a white mouse and place in idol’s feet. Sejal worries.

Satya says Susheel is important, I read patience is good, she won’t get impressed so easily, I will win, I will go and congratulate her. Chaman says you have to do all the tasks to have a happy married life. Sejal asks what’s the need, how will I get a mouse. Vishnu says yes, how. His mum asks Sejal to do this, its her problem. Chaman leaves. Sejal gets angry. She gets a note under the table. She reads it. Chaman’s speech is written in it. She says it means Chaman is not any pandit. Sejal sees Leela. Leela asks her to get going, find a white mouse like herself. Sejal thinks to clear her doubt first. She goes. Leela asks maid did she keep rats traps everywhere. Maid nods. Leela laughs.

Susheel is with her friends in canteen. They ask her to focus on dance. Susheel says we will win. Satya comes and says we will win. Everyone claps. Satya says good job Susheel, but I dance quite good, you would have seen me in Vishu’s sangeet, I don’t think this competition is between equals. She says its okay, you didn’t know basketball but you have won by champion, dance is done by heart, we all have heart. She jokes on him. He says I really got a cramp, I don’t like losing. She says you are greedy to win. He says I would have left you alone in chemistry lab. She says I would have not let you win any how, my dad made me strong, one should do hardwork. She goes.

Susheel says we will win the dance competition, don’t take tension. Susheel talks to her friend’s mum. She asks her not to worry, they are coming home. Her friend says mum doesn’t trust me, she feels I have a BF, Rity has a BF, she meets him on excuse of tuitions. Susheela says we don’t talk about such things at home. Her friend says dads are cool, mums have tension, you don’t have such tension. Susheela gets sad. She gets her dad’s call and smiles.

At home, Naresh thinks to lie to Fayibaa and Dada ji. Naresh and Nitish get worried seeing Fayibaa and Dada ji coming. They lie about Susheel. They don’t let Fayibaa check for Susheel. Door bell rings. They get worried that its Susheel at the door. Vishnu asks Satya to solve his problem. Satya shows his friend making Satya and Susheel’s pic. He says Dadi will get angry seeing this. Vishnu says I m not getting time with Sejal, you know what task Dadi gave to Sejal. Sejal keeps the cheese pieces and tries to catch a white mouse. She waits for the mouse. Leela’s maid sees her. Sejal asks mouse to come out. She sees Leela’s maid. She says I m not getting any mouse, Leela won’t leave me today. She cries and goes. Maid goes to Leela and signs. She shows the white mouses caught in the traps. Leela takes her inside the house. Sejal looks on and says Leela did this to fail me, I have to do something.

Susheel asks what happened. Everyone takes her out. Fayibaa asks them to get paneer. Naresh takes Susheel with him. Susheel hears Fayibaa and asks him. He asks her to just come. They go out. He says I forgot to get money for paneer. She gets Satya’s wallet in her bag.


Ikyawann 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya and Susheel get the dance tasks. Susheel says Parvati’s crown and jewelry didn’t come. Satya waits on stage.

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