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Ikyawann 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 15th November 2017 Episode Start With leela says i have to offer prayer to Devi Maa since she has come to temple in Surat. Parekh family is also praying their, but Leela does not see them, they have a hide and seek in temple and do not see each other.

Satya and Jigi steal everyone’s one pair of chappal from the temple. Susheel notices it.

Satya and Jigi rest around some place in temple. Sr. parekh, Mehul come out and find their shows missing, Bapu says it will be Susheel’s mischief. Mehul, Chacha and Mama look for Susheel around. Leela and her daughter in law come out and find their chappal missing. lady complains says that this theft has become everyday problem. Leela says kids who steal will some day do big crimes, Susheel jumps down from a tree and says this is the thief. She points and Satya and is shocked. Satya tells Leela, i have seen Satya and jigi stealing my Dada and father’s shoes. Satya runs away. She chases him, he throws water on him, she chases him, he falls in a pit. Jigi blames her of beating satya with a stick. He pulls her hair and they get into a fight. Satya comes back to her Dad hi, he curses her of roaming around and how he was waiting for her, she shows him his chappal and cleans his foot with water as they were burning in sun.

Susheel tells her father how she chased the boy who stole their shoes. She says what is wrong, is always wrong.

Senior Parekh tells Mehul that this girl has to lean so much, who will marry her, Mehul says she is only a child now, he says her clothes are torn, she does not even know to stick, Susheel gets a stapler and staples her jeans, she says i will not marry, i will stay with you forever and take care of all of you.

Leela gives Jig some money and asks about the girl who hurt Satya in the temple, she says i will go tomorrow to her place and teach her a lesson.

At home, Mehul is teaching Susheel while she is sitting next to the gas stove, Mehul is cooking something, he turns around and Susheel shouts as her book catches fire, he rushes to save her. Daddi ji comes and says raising a child and taking care of hm is not men’s job, thats why i want you to marry again, Mehul says this is first and last mistake and will not happen again, he says loves between all of us matters, not me getting married again, they all hug each other.

Satya’s mother is worried what will Leela do as she is headed for Sishee’s home, she says i have to rush to Susheell’s home and warn them.She tells her brother to take care of Satya while she will go to Susheel’s house.

Satya’s mother reaches Susheel’s house just before Leela and locks the gate. Leela reaches the gates and wonders why is it locked, Inside the hosue, Susheel and her family is doing puja, hence everyone is quiet, leela bangs the locks on gate, Susheels comes to window to see who it is, while Leela is climbing up the outside wall to check inside the house, they have hit and miss situation and Mehul takes Susheel inside the house for puja, Leela trips and Mehul hears some noise, but spots no one as leela is lying on ground. Her daughter in law comes there, she asks her how are you here, Sayta’s mother says i was here to check on patient.

Leela’s Janno call sher an informs her that she has found about mehul’s daughter. She orders her to kill Susheel.


Ikyawann 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jano kindps a child and a truck is run over a sack with someone inside it.

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