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Ikyawann 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Satya Finds A Way To Catch Leela


Ikyawann 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 17th May 2018 Episode Start With Fighter Didi removing the posters. She says Susheel was right, Satya makes one trust him soon, he is just concerned for his Dadi, not Susheel. Satya cries for Susheel and apologizes. Fighter didi sees him and asks what happened, for whom are you crying, Leela? You are not concerned for Susheel. He says be quiet if you don’t know anything. She asks him to say. Leela asks him not to talk to anyone, where is he. Fighter Didi asks him to run away, as he is weak, a coward, but she will get justice for Susheel. Sejal and Kali get a bag.

Sejal jokes on her. Leela asks them to open the bag. They get some gloves. Leela says just wear the gloves. Sejal asks shall we go on picnic, we want to relax a bit. Leela scolds her. She says Kali will put jewelry in the bag. Kali and Sejal go to put the jewelry. Leela makes them open the password protected safe. Sejal keeps jewelry in bag. Leela asks her to keep the bag outside on bench, it will reach her. Sejal keeps the bag. She goes back. Leela says burn the gloves now, Satya call police and tell them that Susheel came in the house and she has stolen the jewelry.

Kali calls her mad. Satya says I won’t say this, what proof do we have that Susheel came here. Leela says how did Susheel’s fingerprints come on locker, Sejal has been wearing those gloves having her fingerprints. She laughs. Satya says I will not support you, how can you trap Susheel like this. Leela says I just loved you Satya, you have to do this. She threatens him about Susheel.

He goes angrily. Sejal burns the gloves. He throws the pickles and says Leela go to hell. He thinks sorry Dadi, don’t go anything to Susheel. He looks for cameras. He thinks Dadi forgot to install cameras in balcony, she can’t see anyone here, Leela’s game is over, this bag will make me reach her. Sejal thinks what happened to Satya now. Satya shouts I don’t want to talk to anyone, enough now, they have kept a watch on me, go away from here. He types on mobile and shows her.

She reads ….camera isn’t here. She says you are Dadi’s fav, she loves you a lot, why would she torture you, maybe you are with Leela. Leela laughs and says I have separated them. Satya writes I can catch Dadi by being here. Sejal says do anything, I will always keep an eye on you, you are doing a big sin to support Leela. He says fine, do anything. He goes. Leela eats food and hears their conversation. Inspector tells Kali that Susheel will be arrested for murder and theft. Kali cries.

Police goes. Kali says I had to complaint against Susheel and make her a thief. Satya thinks what to tell her. Kali asks him to say something. He shouts what to say, I have my own worries, Sejal is here, ask her. Kali asks Sejal what’s the matter. He says Sejal is with Leela, she is supporting Leela, stay away from her, tell me who is getting everything inside the house, Sejal is a big liar. Sejal and Satya argue. Kali stops them. Leela laughs. Sejal throws things in kitchen.

Leela says wow Sejal, you are lashing out at each other. She laughs. Sejal gets angry on Leela and says you should be afraid of Lord, you have to reach you. Leela takes her threatening light and laughs. Fighter didi thinks of Susheel. A lady comes and says there is someone outside, Susheel’s family has accused her of theft too. Fighter Didi gets angry. She says Susheel can’t do this, who filed complaint. The lady says Satya has called the police.

Fighter Didi says Susheel said right about Satya. Satya says I m going to put papads in balcony, but I have to do work, else you threaten me for everything. Sejal asks Kali to check the daal. She gives a note to Kali. Kali keeps the note. She acts and scolds Sejal. Kali goes. Someone comes near the bench and takes the bag. Satya sees him and runs out. Leela asks where are you going, answer me. Satya rushes out. Leela gets shocked.


Ikyawann 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya follows the man who took the bag. Leela worries.

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