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Ikyawann 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Satya And Susheel’s Dance Face-Off


Ikyawann 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Sejal coming to Leela. Leela says Sejal has failed. She smiles thinking she has caught all the white rats. Sejal stops her and shows the white rat. She says its same like pandit ji told. Vishnu’s mum says you got this as you found it by a true heart, keep the rat in idol’s feet and pray. Satya says Sejal got saved today, don’t worry Vishu, just 6 days more. He gets shocked seeing Susheel coming. He runs to her and stops her at the door. Sejal keeps the rat near the idol and thinks Leela is clever. Leela does aarti. Susheel gives his wallet. Satya thinks I have kept wallet in your bag to know if you are having feelings for me. Sejal goes to rest. Leela gets angry.

Satya apologizes to Leela and says if Dadi sees you, there will be a huge scene, she doesn’t like you. He says thanks, you could have given this tomorrow, you came alone to give wallet, did you wish to meet me. Leela scolds her maid. The box falls. Sejal sees the rat running away. Everyone runs to catch it. Susheel says I thought you will need this. Shivam comes and takes Susheel along. Satya stops Leela from seeing Susheel. He signs them to go fast. The rat jumps and falls in the water jug. It jumps out. They all get shocked seeing a black mouse. Leela stares at Sejal.

Susheel comes home and greets everyone. Fuibaa asks where did you go. Shivam says she went to get sweets. Fuibaa says neighbor’s daughter used to meet guys by lying about tuition. She asks Susheel does she meet any friend by lying to them. Susheel says no and laughs. She says my friends used to tell me that their mum asks this question to them, I was thinking when will MaaPaa ask this, I m glad you asked this. Fuibaa asks Naresh to keep a watch on Shivam as well. Mehul says we trust Susheel and Shivam, if there is anything, Susheel will tell us, she didn’t learn lying, she can’t be wrong. They all say his line and laugh.

Leela comes to confront Sejal. She shows the black mouse and asks this your plan. Sejal shows the note given to Chaman. She says Chaman said all this, as he was told to say this. She gives her the chit. She says I will get water for you, winter has started, if I m around, the temperature will be high, it will be better if water is around. She goes. Leela gets angry. She says the game has just begun, you just stay cautious, because Sejal is not foolish like Gulabo, she is clever, I will like to fail her. Sejal hears her and smiles. She says you will enjoy old woman, but I m not anyone to get suppressed.

The man says Satya and Susheel are at equal points, the dance face-off will get us our winner. He asks them to get the chits from the bowl and decide their dance performances. Susheel gets Maa Parvati written in the chit. Satya gets his chit and shows Bhagwan Shiv. The man says so there will be a tough competition between them. Satya asks Susheel did she get scared. She asks did you start cheating again, I know you cheated to get this mytho theme chit. He asks what can be the reason, why will I do this, you think I m following you. She goes. He thinks about his challenge to woo her. The dance rounds starts.

Susheel’s turn is next. She worries for her costume. The man says we have Satya as Lord Shiv here. Satya comes on the stage in Shiv’s getup. The man asks where is Susheel, she will be eliminated if she doesn’t come, Satya will become the winner. Susheel comes on stage, wearing costume of dual avatar, Shiv-Parvati. The people ask what did she become. Susheel says I didn’t had Parvati’s jewelry and crown, so she has worn this, Ardhnarishwar is formed by union of Shiv and Parvati, this is called new thinking. Satya says she has worked hard, she has put extra efforts, you shouldn’t be afraid. Susheel recalls her words and smiles. He says now it will be a tough competition.


Ikyawann 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya and Susheel perform tandav and compete.

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