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Ikyawann 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Satya And Susheel Share Their Victory


Ikyawann 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Satya and Susheel performing tandav on the stage. His trishul gets stuck in her hair. He frees it. The think about each other’s words. Everyone claps for them. Fayibaa comes home and asks Nitish where is Susheel. Nitish lies. Dada ji says we have to talk to Mehul and you all. Fayibaa says a guy is coming to see Susheel, I will tell her. Naresh asks what will happen if she goes, she calls me Mama. Dada ji asks shall I call you Mama from today. Mehul comes and asks what’s happening. Naresh says Fayibaa got a new alliance for me. Nitish argues. Mehul says I m not ready for this. She says no one will argue on this, understood. She goes. Mehul worries.

The fest comes to its conclusion. The man says the losing team will organize a dandiya fest for winning team. He announces the result, Satya and Susheel had same scores, today the winning team is….. its won by both of them, it means scores are still equal. Satya says I m glad to share my award with you, I m proud of you, why are you crying. She says I wish my family is here. He says you will have trophy, go home and share this happiness with them, stop crying. They shake hands and congratulate each other.

The man says Susheel had to win, she is so tall, she should have become Kailash parbat. Satya says she is quite tall, but height has nothing to do with dance, she is broad minded as she is tall, don’t mess with her, if she slaps you, you will get deaf. He defends Susheel. He says I feel very proud, I have fought this competition with Susheel, I have learnt a lot from her, you better chill and leave, come to dandiya fest tomorrow to have food for free. The man says Satya and Susheel will get their trophies. Satya goes to Susheel and says I have to talk to you. Shivam comes and says come with me. Satya says its something imp, I will wait. Susheel says yes, I will be back.

Sejal taunts Leela and asks the next task. Leela says have rest today, I will ask pandit and tell you. Sejal asks that fake pandit Chaman. Leela says he is not fake, you have to follow my commands, my legs are aching, give me an oil massage. Satya calls Susheel. His friend asks what did you think, she will get impressed so soon, be careful, you can fall for her.

Susheel says I didn’t know about these lies. Shivam says your competition went well, its fine. She says no, truth is bitter, but beneficial. Satya says I spoke in her favor to impress her, so that I make her say I love you and win this bet, she will get more hurt if she likes my words, she will have a heartbreak and know the result of insulting me, I have to go to her house back. Susheel says we will think of something to save you all from Fayibaa’s anger. Fayibaa waits at the bathroom and asks Susheel to waste less water. She asks her to get ready and come. Naresh shows the empty bathroom with running tap to Nitish. Nitish praises his plan. Naresh says Susheel should come on time. Leela asks Sejal to apply oil. Sejal says its hot oil, how will I put hands on it. Leela pulls her hand to dip in oil. The oil falls on Sejal’s hand and Leela’s feet. Leela complains about Sejal to Vishnu’s mum. Sejal defends herself.

Fayibaa asks Susheel to say something. Dada ji asks Nitish and Naresh when will Susheel get ready. Susheel comes out of the bathroom. Nitish and Naresh get shocked. Dada ji says she looks pretty. Shivam signs Naresh. Fayibaa sees Susheel’s hair. Naresh says she had shampooed her hair yesterday. Mehul comes and sees Susheel. He says maybe they have come. Fayibaa says groom’s family has come. Naresh asks when did you go there and get ready. Susheel says I m upset, I did this to save you, my height saved me today, I had to jump in bathroom window. She recalls Satya’s words and says someone said something good to me regarding my height today. Fayibaa and Dada ji get shocked when Satya comes in his Shiv avatar.


Ikyawann 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Leela sees Satya and Susheel’s pic and gets angry. Satya answers the call. Leela gets shocked seeing Susheel with him.

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