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Ikyawann 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Leela Fools Susheel


Ikyawann 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 19th March 2018 Episode Start With Sejal getting Susheel’s message. Vishu sees the knife in her hand. Leela says Shivam’s wife shouldn’t be silent. Susheel says yes, she should be of jolly nature. Leela says Shivam is quiet person, the girl shouldn’t be talkative, she should be pretty like me. Susheel says yes, she should be kind hearted, she should be equal to Shivam, like Satya and me, she should be friendly, she should be working woman, her dressing style is imp, she should be good, I always got scolded at home by Dada ji and Fuibaa.

Sejal says Leela is behaving so sweetly with Susheel, I know good people like me exist, but Leela changed so quickly, don’t you doubt. Vishu says yes, Susheel and you are having a competition, you got crazy. She says Maa has lost her mind. He says how can you say this. She says a bit. He says then fine. She says we have to know how Leela changed or is she planning something big to fool us. He eats snacks to check the taste. She says I will use chilli to make the chilli talk. He eats spice and coughs.

Leela asks Susheel what did she write. She reads and says I feel as if I m finding a girl for Satya, he also wanted such qualities in his bride, when you came here, his choice changed. Sejal comes and hears them. She thinks Leela is making her khichdi here. She serves pakori. Susheel says Dadi was saying Sejal is a sly person. Sejal asks what did I do, I loved Vishu and married him. Leela thinks Sejal will understand I m finding girl for Satya, not Shivam. She says Susheel is joking, feed me the pakora. Sejal feeds her. Leela says its spicy, get water. Sejal goes smiling. Leela asks Susheel to have pakora, she will upload Shivam’s pic. Susheel says Sejal cooks everything so well. Leela thinks how to upload pic in front of her.

She sees the fan and switches it on. The chilli powder flies in Susheel’s eyes. She screams. Leela says get some water. Susheel runs out. Leela uploads Satya’s pic. She says I thought my game will get over, Jhanno look here. Susheel will become a great example, she will get her sautan, Satya’s second wife will fight with her, it will be fun. She says its more run to become a puppet master. She plays with a doll. Susheel comes and sees Satya’s pic. She asks how did Satya’s pic come here. Leela acts and says I have got chilli in my eyes, why would I upload Satya’s pic, I can’t see. Susheel runs to get water. Leela changes the pic with Shivam’s.

Susheel asks how can you do same mistake. Leela says its unfortunate. She shows Shivam’s pic. Susheel gets confused. Leela asks what happened, you keep thinking of Satya and see him everything, this is called true love, come make a password. Susheel smiles. Leela asks what about Satya, keep his name as password. She thinks Susheel will write her own destruction. Susheel asks Kali from where is she coming. Kali says don’t tell anyone that I have seen a movie before coming home, there are many dramas happening at home. They laugh. Kali says I m your Saas, I was treating a little kid and took time.

She asks don’t you want to assist me in work. Susheel says I can’t manage anything, you manage everything so well, you have kept it all balanced. Kali says yes, your bonding with Leela is good now, we woman are gifted, we are like a foundation that makes a house strong. Susheel says I really like you, you explain everything so easily and understand too. Kali says you are doing the same thing in your style, your and Satya’s relation is imp, you balance everything by being strong, I m so proud of you my Dil. Susheel asks Dil. Kali says my daughter in law. Satya calls out Kaka. Kiran comes to the room. Satya says someone hand me a towel. Kiran gives him a saree and runs. Sejal asks Susheel to get ready, we will give a surprise to Maapaa. Kiran hides and laughs. Susheel comes to room and laughs seeing Satya wearing a saree. He asks her to look there. She asks what’s happening, why this saree.

He says stop your nonsense, you have hung the saree there right, wait, you are crazy. She says you look so funny. He asks what do you mean, don’t find reasons to talk to me, I m fed up of everything, Kiran looks on. Susheel pulls the saree. He asks are you mad, leave it. She says Maa gave me this saree, you spoiled it. He goes to washroom. She throws the towel and says I don’t know who kept the saree. She sees Kiran and smiles. He says you would have done this. He comes out in towel and throws the saree. She says sorry. He looks at her. Leela thinks Susheel will get her sautan.


Ikyawann 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Susheel meets her family. Sejal sees a girl and asks Susheel to come home, some drama is going on.

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