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Ikyawann 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Leela Cancels Vishu And Sejal Wedding.


Ikyawann 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update Leela tattoos fool on chanos hand,sushil and Shivam leave,Leela says Chano this will remind your what sense you have,and says I won’t leave this girl,and looks at Satya and says my son,come with me. Sushil very angry on Satya behaviour till now,and leelas insults,she remembers nitesh words tears always don’t relieve you,sweat at times does too and starts dreaming things around,Satya holds the stick and stops her,and says control your anger,this is misunderstanding I didn’t do it,sushil says agreed you helped me but I find that fishy too,Satya remembers his challenge,and holds her a bottle of water and says have this and calm down,I agree I have insulted you but I’m helping you since pats days because I have seen you love your work and you do it for your mapa,and I’m not behind your problems always and if you dint stop blaming me I promise I will be behind all your problems from now on.

Sushil throws the bottle of water and both leave their own way.sejal stops sushil,she says leave me Satya,Sejal says it’s me. Satya says to jiggi differ girl always blames me,sushil says Sejal di,he is always behind me creating problems,Satya says she gives me attitude and if she does again I will break her face, Chano angry and in tears,she hears Sejal and sushil come to store and hides.

Sushil asks why are we in store Didi,Sejal says this is rope and tape and tie me here and put tape on my face,Sushil asks why,Sejal says to trouble Vishu,I will message him and say I’m kidnapped,sushil says this is foolishness,Sejal says don’t worry I have done this before to get Vishu on a date,here are the pics,sushil asks what you knew Vishu bhai before,Sejal says all think it’s arrange marriage,but I have made all this plan,even Vishu didn’t knew his girlfriend is here for wedding proposal,and this is all because of don Leela and now tie me,Chano comes out snatches mobile and runs,sushil and Sejal follow her.

Phui says Mehul call your daughter,nitesh says ok ok and makes a call,nitesh says here you go,phui hears mans voice and asks did your voice go to and did your bapu teach you this sushil,it’s naresh,and says I’m sushil and I supply kites and you have lost old lady,keep the call or I shall complain to police,phui says sorry sorry and keeps the phone,naresh walks in,Mehul says miss connection may be.

Phui says I’m leaving your daughter has no sense,naresh says okay,Bapu says keep calm we will talk to her,and Mehul tell sushil she won’t go bed until she talk to dareka Ben,and leaves with phui.

Satya says jiggi see today I will make her say sorry,and clicking pics of Vishu and Leela,Chano pulls Leela and puts the pictures on the Screen by connecting the mobile,all are shocked to see it,Leela gets angry Chano looks at her tattoo,Sejal in tears,Leela says these two knew each other,and looks at gulabo and asks to pack all the food.

Leela distributes the food and says now this marriage won’t take place,all shocked,Vishu walks to Leela,Satya tries to stop but he doesn’t,leela slaps Vishu,and says now tomorrow whole society will make fun of Leela,sushil stands by Sejal,leela turns to Sushil’s and says do you belong to this family,Shivam takes her away,Satya tries to talk but Leela says not a word Satya.

Leela says gulabo get me a spoonful of water to die and look what your son did Prakash,and Jyoti your daughter what she thought she will fool me,now look,Jyoti says please forgive her,Vishu says dadi you won’t accept us,Leela says if I would have learned this after ten years of your marriage I would still break your marriage,now this wedding won’t take place,even if this girl commits suicide,Sejal leaves,Vishu tries to stop but Leela stops him.

Mehul on call with sushil says phui is very angry but don’t worry I will manage,sushil says but mapa here’s some personal matter and marriage may cancel,Mehul say syou haven’t eaten anything since morning have something and Send me a pic,sushil says even you sound so,eat something and send me pic and sees Sejal standing in the balcony and thinks she is committing suicide.

Sushil rushes to Sejal and says get down Didi,we will talk to dadi,Sejal says leave me alone,sushil says don’t commit suicide,Sejal says I’m not and bends down,sushil tries to pull her back but by mistake she pushes sushil and she hangs by the railing,Vishu and Satya standing down see it and rush upstairs for help and says sushil why are you committing suicide.

Leela leaving,Jyoti and her family begging her to stop,and below sushil Satya says quite and pulls sushil up and she falls into his arms. Leela says enough this marriage is cancelled,Satya and Vishu come here quickly.

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Ikyawann 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya calls Leela and says Vishu bhai and Sejal bhabhi consumed poison.

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