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Ikyawann 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Satya Impresses Susheel’s Family


Ikyawann 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Fayibaa and Dada ji welcoming Satya, assuming him to be Shah. Satya thinks what are they doing. He says I came to meet Susheel. Fayibaa says we know,don’t get impatient, we also want you to meet and know her. The man says we thought Susheel had to go for some emergency. Satya says I have to change clothes. Fayibaa asks Shivam to take him. Shivam takes Satya to washroom. The lady teacher tells about Susheel doing tandav as Shiv ji, she has danced so well as Ardhnareshwar, Shiv and Parvati would have blessed her today. Fayibaa asks what, she has danced. The man says there was a dance competition. Nitish says we are gone today. Satya says this family is so weird. He goes to change.

Susheel says I will wear these bangles, I can’t see Maapaa upset. She tries to wear the kada. Satya comes out and wears his shirt. She goes to washroom to apply soap. He sees the mannequin and says she is here, Susheel listen… The mannequin falls. He holds it and says what’s happening here. He sees Susheel in washroom. He says when did she go in, oh, I have an idea, its the right change. He says Susheel, I m sorry, I had failed in dance today, I liked your competitive spirit. She calls him out. He says you scared me, who’s there, I thought this is you, sorry. She says its okay, what are you doing here. He says I came here to thank you, I rushed here in Shiv’s clothes, I had to use the washroom, those bangles look good on you. She says yes, but its not fitting.

He thinks she doesn’t fit in his life. He helps her and makes her wear the bangles. She looks at him. He asks about mannequin. She says its a long story. He asks more than you. She says yes, Fayibaa shouldn’t know this. He hides the mannequin and asks her to go to washroom, wrong always remain wrong, go fast. Fayibaa and Dada ji come there. She says you are Vishnu’s brother right. Satya says yes. She asks are the teachers saying right, it means Susheel fooled me. Mannequin falls down. They get shocked. Susheel comes out. Dada ji says I want to know the truth.

Sejal and Kiran dance on hawa hawai….. Sejal asks her to have juice. She slaps Sejal and says you don’t want me to play, I will tell this to mum. She runs. Sejal collides with Leela. She starts dancing again. Leela scolds Sejal. Sejal says sorry and goes. Kiran laughs and shows Satya and Susheel’s pic on the tab. Leela gets shocked.

Dada ji scolds Susheel for lying. Mehullooks on. Susheel says mannequin was here in my place, they did this so that I can participate in fest, their way was wrong, but they just wanted to see me happy, try to see why they lied, they all know I like to participate in such competition, its my mistake too, you can scold me. Nitish, Naresh and Shivam take the blame on themselves and apologize. Mehul hugs Naresh. Satya thinks what’s this fmaily drama. Mehul says their lie is not wrong, Fayibaa’s thinking is wrong, we can do anything for Susheel, that’s the biggest truth of Parekh truth, and truth is always bitter, but beneficial. The lady says sorry, we didn’t know Susheel lied at home. Satya thinks to do some drama.

He stops Dada ji and says you should appreciate Susheel, she told you the truth herself, she gave me a tough competition. He praises Susheel’s smartness and says she got this smartness from you all, and she would have learnt tandav from Fayibaa, she had same confidence. They all smile. Satya says we have won trophy together, so I have come here, we will take the trophy together, else I won’t take it. Dada ji asks Satya to give the trophy then. Satya smiles. Teacher gives the trophy…….. Satya and Susheel get their trophy. Satya leaves. Everyone smiles.

Leela calls Satya. Susheel stops him and thanks him. He doesn’t answer Leela’s call. The call gets answered by mistake. Leela sees Satya and Susheel on video call. She gets angry.


Ikyawann 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Susheel says he is not my friend. The man says he is a good guy, get friendly with him. Leela asks Satya about Susheel.

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