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Ikyawann 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 20th March 2018 Episode Start With Susheel saying sorry. Satya calms down. She says I will shift my clothes from the wardrobe, sorry again. He goes to change. Kiran says sorry Susheel, I was just teasing him. Susheel says next time, let me know about it and then we will pull his leg. Sejal gets ready to leave. She asks Vishu’s mum to let her go, she wants to meet Susheel’s family. Leela thinks to send them. She asks Sejal and Susheel to go, there isn’t any problem.

She asks them to take care. Susheel says I m not hungry now. Leela asks can I have Khandvi, I m asking for myself. Susheel says I didn’t understand, why are you asking me. Sejal asks are you taking Susheel’s permission to have Khandvi. Leela says yes, she is Satya’s Susheel, I will ask her and have it. Susheel asks Leela to have it and do what she likes. Leela says I m doing that. Susheel and Sejal kiss Leela and leave. Leela thinks I will find Susheel’s sautan now.

Dada ji says Shivam, Leela is helping us in finding a girl. Shivam says no one is asking us. They all explain Shivam that Leela won’t select any girl randomly for him, he can meet the girl and then know her. Dada ji says he should like the girl. Mehul asks him not to make everything serious. He asks Shivam to let proposals come first. Susheel and Sejal come wearing the Pagdis. They all hug Susheel. They ask what’s this Pagdi. She says its my brother’s marriage after all, forget it, what happened to Dada ji. Mehul says Shivam is nervous of marriage. Dada ji says don’t know what’s his problem.

Sejal says I was excited for my marriage, Susheel would have told you. Dada ji asks her to teach Shivam. Susheel says we came to teach something to Shivam. Sejal says this place is not tidy. Susheel says yes, its all messed up. She asks will they make their bahu work. Mehul says no, why would we. Dada ji says I will make bahu work as I couldn’t make daughter work. Sejal says Susheel works in our house like a robot, she made such great Gujiyas. Mehul says amazing. Susheel says it was like a stone. They laugh.

Susheel asks Shivam does he think Leela will find any girl, she has got modern and finding girl for him online. She says we made your profile as well. She takes a laptop and opens the website. The password doesn’t match. She says I fed password Satya. Leela types password mysatya. She says Susheel won’t know the real password, I will see the girls interested in Satya’s profile. She sees the list and laughs.

She asks Jhanno to get water for her. Jhanno gets water. Susheel calls her. Leela says she always ruins my happiness. Susheel asks Leela for the Shivam’s profile password so that she can show to her family. Leela worries. Sejal asks Leela the same. She laughs hearing weird sounds, playing in the video. Leela disconnects. Leela says we have to end this game before Susheel comes, we have to call the girls, four girls. Jhanno says they are on the way. Leela says its time to find a bride for Satya.

Sejal and Susheel are on the way. Sejal says no autorickshaw is stopping for us. Susheel messages Satya. A girl asks them for Leela’s house. Sejal asks why. The girl says I have to go there, don’t waste my time. Sejal says so sorry, I know, its nearby, you can take an auto or cab. She gives her wrong directions. The girl goes. Sejal says I felt the girl’s attitude was wrong, she spoke to me rudely. Susheel says this is wrong. Sejal says I know. She sees an icecream stall and takes Susheel. They see another girl asking for Leela’s house. Sejal says come fast, there is something happening at home. Leela meets the girls.

A girl says someone gave me wrong directions. Kali questions Leela. Leela lies to her. Kali says its good Leela is finding Shivam’s wife. Leela thinks where is the fourth one. She says you three will have to give a test. Susheel and Sejal come home. Susheel asks why, if they give the test, even Shivam should give the test, after all its Shivam’s marriage.

The girl says Satya…. Leela says Satya Shivam Sundaram, we will make the winning girl meet your brother. Sejal says fine, it will be fun. She sees the girl and says I will judge that girl. Leela says we will start the test to check your smartness. Some men get the poles and make a weigh balance. Leela says I will put something precious this side and you need to put anything in the other weigh, that equals the same weight. Sejal says Susheel is the most precious one for you now. Leela says yes, she has done great things, if she sits in the scale, who will be the judge. Susheel smiles. Leela says I have thought of something else.

She calls out Satya. She worries that he is not at home. She calls Satya. Satya comes. He says I had some work. The girls smile seeing him. His envelop falls down. Kali picks it and sees his CV. She asks did you go for any job interview. Susheel smiles and runs to hug him. The girls get shocked. She says thanks for listening to me. Satya asks what are you doing Susheel and makes her away. The girl asks Leela what’s happening. Susheel says sorry.

Leela stops Satya and says sit in the scale. Susheel asks why Satya. Leela says he is most precious to me. Satya says fine, I will sit there if you want. Susheel thinks I know you are hiding your feelings by being rude, I know you will confess feelings to me soon. Satya sits in the weighing scale. Leela says girls, you have ten minutes, get anything equal to his weight, your time starts now. The girls run. Leela says where is the fourth girl, she is my trump card, she has to come here.


Ikyawann 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : A man says a parcel has come for Satya. A pretty girls comes out of the box and smiles.

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