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Ikyawann 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Leela Confronts Satya


Ikyawann 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Susheel thanking Satya. He thinks I will remember the insult. He congratulates her for their win. He apologizes for stealing trophy. He asks friends? She shakes hands. Leela gets angry and hits herself. Satya thinks first hands will meet and then hearts. He gets friendly and asks for a high-five. He leaves. Mehul looks on and smiles. Leela says I will not leave Susheel. She slaps her grandson. Satya comes home. Leela asks him did he win. He shows the trophy and smiles.

He thinks she will get angry if she sees Susheel’s name. He asks are you angry. She says no, why did you feel so. He says you didn’t ask me to have puran poli, I won’t talk to you, I was so excited to show my trophy, a dandiya fest is organized in college for my win. She says great, I have prepared puran poli and your fav food, come. He gets shocked seeing his brother tied up on the dining table. She asks Satya to have his fav food. He says I m having fun seeing him like this.

She says it will be more fun, I have to show you something. She shows Susheel and his pic. He gets shocked. She says look at this, he has done this, he said you both look together, my grandson can’t fall for such a girl who has insulted me badly. She asks him about Susheel’s friendship. He says you are right, the problem is with him, he thinks he is oversmart. He hurts his brother and asks him to shut up. He says Susheel is no match for me, I will freshen up and come. He goes.

Leela thinks Satya started lying to me, but I will wait to hear truth from him. Fayibaa asks Susheel to learn everything well, a girl should know all this, its her Dharma and Satya. Susheel gets shocked hearing Satya. Satya thinks of Susheel. His mum comes and asks how is Susheel now, how did she get hurt. Satya talks rude. He says Susheel got hurt because of the competition, I have saved her, you can call her and ask. She says I was just asking, I felt glad when you called, I was happy knowing my son cares for others. He says I m feeling sleepy. She says fine, you have won competition again, show me the trophy. He says I left it in college, I will show tomorrow. She sees the trophy under the bed. She gets shocked and checks it. She says congrats and leaves.

Susheel hears Satya word by everyone’s talk. Shivam says Satya and Susheel are partners right. She thinks why am I hearing Satya’s name so much. Mehul looks at her. Satya messages her. He asks her to come to market to buy Dandiya party items. Satya hides the trophy behind the idol. Sejal and Vishnu ask him where is he going in hurry. Satya calls out Dadi. They say no and leave. Satya collides with his dad. His dad scolds him. Satya says I have much work in Dandiya festival, relax, stop scolding me. He leaves. Leela says we will do Ambe Maa puja tomorrow.

Vishnu’s mum explains Sejal the rituals. Susheel buys Dandiya sticks. The man asks is everyone tall like you in your college. She says no. Satya comes and thinks to impress. He defends Susheel and scolds the man. She says uncle knows me. He asks the man to stop making fun of people. She says relax, uncle knows me since my childhood. Satya says I will check other decoration things. He goes. The man says he is your good friend. She says she is not my friend. The man says then get friendly, see he worries for you so much. She sees him. Satya thinks if I defend her so much, I will get confused, its getting too much.


Ikyawann 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Leela gets the trophy and gets shocked. Satya plans a date. Leela asks Jhanno to kill Satya if he falls in love with Susheel.

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