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Ikyawann 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Leela Gets Angry On Satya’s Lies


Ikyawann 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Leela making maid fall down, so that glass falls on rose petals and shatters. She asks Sejal to do the rituals by walking on the glass. Vishnu and his mum react. Sejal says I will walk, its okay, I will keep Dadi’s respect. Susheel comes home and talks to Mehul. He says Satya has threatened Kewal. She says Satya didn’t know Kewal uncle knows me, so he fought for me. He smiles and says good, friend should stand as shield always. She says Satya is such, he does anything.

He gets the bill and asks about it. She says I gave clothes to tailor for fitting, Satya and I are partners in dandiya night, so we have same clothes. He smiles. Sejal chants and manages to walk on the glass pieces. She recalls hearing Leela’s plan. Everyone worries seeing Sejal. Sejal reaches the idol to do the aarti. Her feet bleeds. Leela thinks she didn’t make a sound today, maybe she understood none can defy Leela. Sejal does aarti.

Satya talks to Susheel and asks her to practice well. She sees Dada ji in pain and asks Satya for his mum’s appointment for Dada ji. He says its your clinic, you can do directly, its because of Dada ji’s care. She asks him to care for his Dadi. He gets bored and says I will talk later, your clothes will reach home. Satya jokes on Susheel and laughs. His friend says you are so mean. Sejal shows the red color packet she had stuck to her feet. She says I don’t need any bandage, I m fine, I know Leela had planned this, so I have switched the glass pieces with plastic, so that Dadi feels her planning worked. Vishnu gets angry and goes out. He says I have to talk to Dadi. Kaki supports Sejal. Vishnu says we were better before marriage. Sejal says Dadi will forgive me and she will say, we can stay in one room, I have a plan.

Leela decorates the temple. She gets shocked seeing Susheel’s name on the trophy. She says what’s happening. She stops Sejal. Sejal says I was going to keep Satya’s things. Leela checks the parcel. She gets a ghagra for Susheel. She says if Satya tells me truth, I will not let Susheel come close to Satya.

Satya comes home. He tells his friend that he will take Susheel to date and then she will say I love you Satya…. He hides the dandiya costumes. He sees the trophy and worries. He goes to hide it. Sejal says I have received the clothes. He thanks her. She goes. He says thank God, Dadi didn’t see anything. Leela says Satya has taken the clothes and trophy in, come, I will make him forget Susheel right now. Susheel practices Dandiya with Nitish and Naresh. She falls and laughs. Fayibaa scolds her. Naresh says we are teaching her dandiya. Fayibaa says I will teach her. Susheel hits Dandiya, which hurts Fayibaa. Fayibaa asks when will you leave. Susheel says sorry, I will get ice cubes. Leela comes to Satya.

She asks him to have thepla by her hands. She says you didn’t call me all day, where were you. He lies. She feeds thepla and asks how is it. He drinks water and says its delicious as always, but spices are…. She says shut up, you are lying to make me happy, you must tell me the truth, you know I don’t like if anyone lies or hides truth. She makes him sleep. She leaves. Satya thinks what happened to her, did she see me with Susheel.


Ikyawann 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Leela says Satya has gone to play Dandiya with Susheel, I will catch him red handed and make him say truth. She asks Satya about Susheel. He says its just a bet. He sees Susheel behind.

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