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Ikyawann 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update

Leela Hides The Truth From Soumya


Ikyawann 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 22nd March 2018 Episode Start With Soumya seeing Satya and smiling. Leela says we have found a suitable girl. Susheel says my would be Bhabhi. Leela takes Soumya to show her face. Soumya’s hairclip falls down. Satya picks it. She smiles and gives her hand. Everyone looks on. Satya gives her. Leela thinks I will kick out Susheel and rule, its time for Satya to get remarried.

Everyone gets excited to see the girl’s details. They download Soumya’s pic. Shivam comes and asks what happened now. They say Susheel has sent a girl’s profile for you. They see Soumya’s funny pics on her profile. Shivam asks what’s this, maybe she participated in fancy dress competition. They laugh seeing the pics. Shivam says I m going, you guys final everything. He goes. Dada ji says how can I ask him to marry this girl.

Sejal says I liked Soumya. Susheel says she sounded intelligent. Sejal jokes. Shivam calls Susheel and says don’t know what Leela told everyone, I m asking them before doing anything. She asks him to come home and meet the girl. He agrees.

Leela says I m the head of the family, this is my room, I will give this room to one who truly deserves this. Soumya asks whom will you give this room. Leela says you… Soumya says I thought I will be marrying Susheel’s brother, Satya. Leela says no, Satya isn’t Susheel’s brother, listen to me carefully…. Sejal comes and asks did you see my earring which I have worn in Susheel’s marriage, why are you showing our house to Soumya instead Parekh house.

Soumya says I was also asking the same. Leela shouts and says she will stay here for some time. Vishu says Shivam has come. Sejal says maybe he has come to meet Soumya. Soumya says yes, I have to meet him. She goes. Sejal stops Leela. Leela pushes her and runs. Vishu calls her old woman. Sejal says what happened to her, there is something.

Shivam waits for Soumya. He picks a flour sack and takes it. Leela tries reaching Soumya. Shivam falls down. He gets flour on his face. Soumya screams and covers her face. He gets to see her and likes her. She says so sorry. He says its okay. She helps him. Susheel smiles seeing them. Sejal comes. Susheel asks Sejal to look there. Jhanno rushes Leela on a wheelchair. Leela reaches there and gets shocked. Sejal’s mum in law scolds Shivam. Sejal says that’s Shivam, not any servant. Shivam smiles. Susheel says she is Soumya….. Leela and we all liked her a lot. Leela interrupts.

Susheel says I had to introduce you to him, he is Shivam. Soumya greets Shivam. Satya asks why were you roaming in our house with a flour sack. Leela scolds her bahu. She asks Susheel to take Shivam and clean his face. Soumya says I have to meet Satya. Susheel thinks how to convince Shivam to meet Soumya. She mocks a call and says Shivam didn’t like the girl. Shivam says its nothing like that. Susheel laughs and asks him to stop drama. She sends him to get ready fast.

Leela takes Suhana with her. Suhana thinks why is Leela not leaving me alone. Leela says assume I m not here, you can meet Satya now. Soumya sees Satya’s trophies. Leela says Satya never lies, even his name means truth, I also don’t lie, but I lie when needed, it was necessary to lie for this relation. Vishu and Sejal argue for earrings. Susheel comes.

She says you have my wedding recording DVD, show it to everyone and ask them. Sejal likes the idea. Vishu goes to get DVD. Susheel says Shivam liked Soumya, their marriage should be saved. Sejal says this is great, Leela is always around Soumya. Leela praises Satya. She says Satya is perfect and even you are perfect. Soumya says thanks, but I have to meet Satya. Satya comes. She collides with him and falls back on the bean bag. Susheel falls over and holds the cupboard. The trophies fall over his back. He gets hurt. Leela thinks this trophy has Susheel’s name written on it. Susheel comes and looks on.


Ikyawann 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Soumya gets shocked seeing Satya and Susheel’s marriage DVD. She says if they are married, why did his proposal came for me.

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