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Ikyawann 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 23rd March 2018 Episode Start With Soumya thanking Satya for help. Susheel thanks Satya for helping her Bhabhi. Leela takes Soumya with her. Satya says I was saving my trophies. Susheel helps him. Their head bump. He says you can use old cupboard, I will keep my trophies in new one. At Susheel’s house, Nitish asks Dada ji about the girl found by Leela.

Dada ji says yes, will that girl wear such monkey clothes after marriage too, maybe she has worn that for fancy dress. Naresh says no, I have seen all her pictures, she uploaded her cartoon pics, will she wear bridal dress or this monkey outfit. He asks why is Nitish laughing, when his son’s life is at stake. Dada ji asks will she make us dress like animals, let Shivam come, we will meet that girl and ask her to stop wearing such outfits. Naresh says we have seen a wrong profile. Dada ji asks them to see right profile. Jhanno hears Vishu saying about Satya and Susheel’s marriage DVD and worries.

Jhanno rushes to tell Leela. Shivam says I will play the DVD. Sejal gets Soumya. Soumya says I have met him. Sejal asks what, Satya? Sejal then sees Shivam and says oh yes. Leela comes there hurriedly and thinks my plan will fail. Susheel comes and sits with them. Shivam smiles seeing Soumya. The DVD plays. Soumya gets a call from Leela. Leela says get away from there, I need to talk to you. Soumya asks who is talking. Leela shouts just go to balcony. Everyone turns to see when Leela shouts. Everyone sees the video. Soumya goes. Sejal says Satya and Susheel’s jodi is great, they looked so hot together. Soumya stops and turns to see. She gets shocked seeing the marriage video. She says if Susheel and Satya are married, why did his proposal came for me, what’s happening. She calls out Susheel. Leela hits on her head. Jhanno takes Soumya with her. Satya and Susheel each other. Susheel smiles.

Soumya gets conscious. Leela says don’t get up else cylinder will blast. Susheel looks for Soumya. Soumya scolds Leela for her cheap thinking. Leela says I like you for Satya, he isn’t happy with his marriage, you are young and beautiful, he will get mesmerized with you, I just want Satya happy, I have everything, such big business, but he isn’t happy with his wife Susheel. She shows a diamond crown and says this can be yours, don’t you want to wear it, I will give this to Satya’s wife. Susheel calls Soumya and hears the ringtone. Soumya gets up and says you won’t catch or hit me, I know you badly need me. Leela says you are right, I have chosen the right girl for Satya.

Soumya takes her phone and leaves. She locks Leela and Jhanno. Leela asks Jhanno to think something. Susheel hears someone knocking. She opens the door and sees Leela. She asks what happened. Leela goes to see Soumya. Naresh worries. Nitish gets the right profile of Soumya. Naresh, Nitish and Dada ji pray that the girl is nice. They get glad seeing Soumya’s pic. The laptop gets off. Dada ji says now we have to wait for Shivam to return home. Soumya asks Vishu to find her earrings as he has seen it now. Shivam takes Satya’s advice. He says Susheel doesn’t take tension about earrings. Soumya comes to Satya.

Leela worries. Susheel comes and looks on. Soumya says I want to talk to you, I came here for marriage proposal and to meet the groom. Susheel says yes, Shivam, you didn’t meet him well. Soumya asks really, Shivam? Susheel asks why are you asking such. Soumya says I want to tell something imp, I want to tell a truth. Leela gets worried. Soumya stares at Satya. She says I give my consent to this marriage proposal. They all smile. She asks Shivam if he is okay with it, she is also okay with it. She smiles and signs Leela.


Ikyawann 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Soumya asks Satya to have sweets, its special day of her life. She asks Satya to feed sweets to her and Susheel.

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