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Ikyawann 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Leela Forgives Sejal


Ikyawann 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Sushil checks her phone and thinks why is her dress isn’t here yet,and says I cant even call the shop and it’s odd to call Satya this late,let me message him,he will see in morning and reply,sushil calls Satya by mistake,satya asks yes sushil tell me,
Sushil says Satya my dandiya dress isn’t here yet,I wanted to message but called by mistake,Satya says don’t worry your dress is with me,that shop keeper sent it here and good he gave it to ma if he would have given to dadi then we would be playing kabaddi and not dandiya.

Satya asks sushil what’s your plan after dandiya sushil say is will get back home,Satya says let’s go on a date I mean to have chat,we will have kachori chat,sushil says sorry I’m fasting,Satya says ok then tell me why did you call me so late,sushil says told you by mistake and cuts the call,Satya says tomorrow I will take her to date and break her fast,Leela outside satyas room says janno you must be thinking why didn’t I ask Satya it’s because he got Brains like I do and so he will find an excuse so do a thing give me the trophy first thing in morning tomorrow and I will ask Satya the truth and if he says he has fallen for that camel,then kill her like we killed that Parekhs daughter,after Kiran Satya is my favourite and if someone tries to steal him I won’t spare.

Sejal standing on a feet on Leelas pic,gulabo trying to convince her to get off,Leela walks in,Sejal says I have foundation like Leela dadi u dear my feet and so I will always keep my feet on her head,I mean my foundation and so won’t get down till dadi forgives me,Leela puts her necklace in sejals neck and says forgiven and says never repeat again and now hug me,Sejal thinks I never fail you see,Leela thinks you are just a small fish my target is that Sushil.

Janno searching for trophy in Satyas room,Vishu gets in,Chano hides under bed,Satya walks out of bathroom too,Satya says I’m going college with sushil for dandiya,Vishu says Satya enough of it,Satya says here are passes for you and bhabhi the even starts at 5 do come,Satya packs trophy and leaves with Vishu.

Leela calling for janno,Sejal hears it and about to escape,Leela asks her to wait,and asks did you see janno,Sejal says no,Leela says go find her, but stop where is the necklace I gave you yesterday,Sejal says in cupboard,Leela says I’m Leela Ajmer and my pride is most important,Sejal imagines scolding Leela says enough of your pride you oldy,what you think of your self,my head is aching keep quite,Leela hooks Sejal and says got it,Sejal nods yes.

Sushil busy managing the event,Satya says look my charm is working jiggi and now be ready to loose,soon she will fall for me and I will win,Satya rushes to sushil and says sushil careful you may get current,be careful seriously stop making fun of her height guys,sushil says Satya you gave me this idea,in Sejal di wedding,so I told them,Satya says that was an joke,have this,sushil says Im fasting, and I like those jokes,where is the dress,Satya says green room,sushil leaves,Satya says soon you will cry.

Leela asks janno to find where Satya went,janno tries to explain her,and make she climb in bed and jumps and breaks the bed, gulabo and Sejal rush in,and help them,Sejal holds her plate to pick her and says dadi how do you always fall,gulabo says Sejal quite go get haldi milk for ba,Leela remembers of Satyas words and gets it that Satya is with sushil for dandiya,and says Satya lied to me,and so was that Lehnga for sushil,today I will catch him red handed and then he ha stop answer me.

Sushil says I don’t want this ,Satya says you choose the dress,sushil says I’m talking about shoes,these are heels,Satya says wear them they will suit you and dress too,sushil says how do you know, had them on your head,Satya says very funny,sushil wears them and trying to balance,Satya thinks her whole time will go trying to balance when will she play dandiya.

Few girls enter and say sushil in heel,you already are an camel and giraffe why heels and look at you can’t even balance and you need grace to dance and what will you wear with these dress your mapas clothes.

Sushil says don’t make fun of my mapa,my house taught me,girls say it would be fun to see a camel dance,Satya makes her seat and says they are so correct,and wishers let me do,and says sushil let me talk or else this green room will become balcony and look it’s so prestigious you need to talk to her with head Hugh and now Sushil and breaks her heel and says we’re these,so they don’t feel small.

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Ikyawann 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Leela enters the function and says I won’t let that camel go without being insulted and walks in to find Suhail hugging Satya.

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