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Ikyawann 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Satya Finds Leela Is The One Dressed As Horse.


Ikyawann 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 26th December 2017 Episode Start With Mapa dropping saree on naresh and teaching sushil over video call,sushil starts laughing and says I can’t but mama is looking so beautiful,naresh says stop it,sushil says sorry but Nitish kaka look there’s a dhokla and you three have it,I’m fasting why should you three not have food,mapa says how did you find that,sushil says cmon Nitish kaka give them all,naresh says I don’t want,sushil says I’m sorry,mapa says sushil you are wearing wrong bangles show me your box and helps her make her a mix and says now go have fun, Nitish says how come you are behind all these girly things,Mehul says today there was something different.

Jiggi says Satya when will you win the challenge it’s 200 years now,Satya starts laughing and says to make biriyani tasty you need to give it some time,and so is this story and now our story will be so deep and interesting and soon I will laugh and she will be thinking she shouldn’t have insulted me that night,jiggi says look sushil is looking so different,sushil walks in feeling a little awkward,Satya says you looking good,sushil says thank you,Satya says your dress not you as you see I selected it,sushil says oh I thought,Satya says relax I was kidding you looking different,sushil says thank you and not for dress but for heels,Satya says what to do if you would get angry you would make their faces red as you made mine that night and thinks this is why you are facing this,singers entry is announced and Satya and sushil leave.

Sushil sees all arrangements are not up to date,and a horse missing,sushil goesnin yi get garland and other hoe comes its Leela dressed as horse and Janno as Malguni the singer,Satya thinks how did she become so fat,Satya says sushil come let welcome her together,Leela pushes sushil and she falls on Satya,Satya says cant you see,behave like horse and not donkey,Leela thinks if I find something is cooking between them I won’t leave her.

Sejal and Vishu get to the event,Leela says what is this Sejal doing here,Sejal says first this don dadi troubled me so much now I’m managing her well. The music plays and all start playing dandiya,Satya has his eyes over sushil,Janno acts as singing and music being played on recorder,Jaggi says Satya go dance with sushil,Satya holds Sushil’s hand and both start plays no dandiya,Sejal pints o Vishu and says at our sangeet they were fighting like dog and cats now see.

Leela imagines,Sushil and Satya dancing together with others paused,sushil makes him hold her,and says this can’t be happening.satya gets water and has it,sushil thinks it’s for her,Satya says sorry I forgot,actually when I’m thirsty I have two glasses of water,let me get you water,sushil says it’s ok I will get it,Satya says listen su,I mean sushil,sushil says it’s ok even you can call me su,Satya says what plans after event,sushil says I told you I’m fasting,and I’m drained too let me go me malguni.

Janno helping Leela,Leela says even Vishu and Sejal are here so be careful,Sejal looking for washroom,and sees Leela and Janno and hides,and says is this her side business to be a horse and hears Leela says,I won’t let Satya fall for camel,like first viral for Kali then Vishu for Sejal I won’t let Satya do it.sejal hand I holder frim behind she says sorry dadi I didn’t do anything,Vishu says what dadi,look announcement,and a treasure hunt arrangement is made by Janno who does lip moments and Leela says it.

Sejal says Satya this is all an act,there is no bell hidden,Leela makes the bell noise and sushil says Satya Hear it out,I can hear bell,sushil follows the voice,Leela keeps distracting her,jiggi says the voice is from horse,and all rush to horse and sushil falls by a push and all stamp her while passing,Leela says good this should happen to you,for eyeing in my Satya,sushil in pain.leela approaches her to stamp her but sushil pushes her and Leelas mask falls,Satya rushes to sushil,sushil hugs him.satya says relax,Vishu and Sejal sign Satya to see its dadi.

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Ikyawann 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Leela says what is cooking between you and Sushil,Satya says it’s. adare dadi and if you wouldn’t come here ,I would have make her fall for me and then break her heart,sushil hears everything.

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