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Ikyawann 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Leela Learns About Satyas Bet.


Ikyawann 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Sejal and Vishu sign Satya and show him it’s Leela,Satya thinks what is she doing here I hope my game doesn’t spoil,Satya gets up quickly and says sushil you stay here I will be back,I will see that horse and says dadi,don’t say anything to sushil,come with me. Sejal says sushil are you fine,sushil says where is Satya if he gets angry and hits that man,Sejal says he should,Vishu says puchku,Sejal says don’t worry Satya will handle,Sushil says I will go change and leaves.

Vishu says dadi is unbelievable,Sejal says will Satya handle it. Leela says Satya you hurt me today,now answer me,what’s between you and that camel,Satya sees sushil and says dadi not here come with me and I will tell you truth swear on you,Leela says don’t swear on me,Satya says if I lie throw me out of the house but now come with me,Leela says come.

Satya says where shall I start from dadi I,and Leela pours a bottle of water on his head and says first calm down,that girls fever must be all Over you,Satya says dadi 30 seconds and I shall explain everything and if you don’t believe throw acid in place of water,Leela says put on the timer,Satya says dadi once that dealer insulted you,what did you do,Leela says I destroyed him,Satya says same and explain her how sushil insulted him,Leela says all this she did to you and you telling me now,why didn’t you teach her a lesson and instead dancing,with her,is it that the red colour has turned to colour of love.satya says bet dadi,Satya knows only risk,and explains Leela the bet and says dadi how can you ever think I will fall for someone like her who shows attitude in front of me and you,and if you weren’t here now,I would have won my bet,sushil looks at herself in mirror and remembers Satya praising her and make shim a call but it’s Not reachable.

Leela slaps Satya and starts dancing,Satya takes a breath of relief and smiles and dances with her,Leela says I love my Satya,he is like me my shadow and won’t hurt his dadi,you made me happy my boy,now go complete the bet and even I want to see that camels attitude be broken, she insulted me and you will take the revenge,and don’t you loose.vishu looking for Satya,Sejal says must be dealing with that horse,Leela walks with Satya saying I’m so Happy,Satya signs Vishu all good,Leela says Satya here’s my car keys,and give your bike keys to Vishu,Leela says good you two came,Satya takes the car,Leela says it may take whole night but make sure you insult that camel.

Sejal says we too on bike so exciting thank you dadi,Vishu gets bike,Sejal sits behind,Leela says get down and sits behind Vishu,and says Vishu move ahead now come Sejal adjust,and all three ride on one bike,Sejal falls down,Vishu gets down and helps her and says are you fine,Sejal says no I’m not,Sejal says dadi we four can’t go in one bike,Leela says we are three,Sejal says you are equal to 4, Leela says you are right,Leela gets down,Vishu sits,Sejal sits behind.leela says come here Sejal and makes her sit with her in auto and both leave.

Bapu opens the door and surprised to see Suhail in lehnga,sushil says Dadaji where is everyone,why didn’t you sleep,then you will complain about your knees and in so relaxed,Bapu keeps looking at sushil,sushil asks anything wrong or you are angry because I’m late,it’s because of function,naresh walks out and looks at sushil and keeps looking at her, sushil asks what’s wrong with you,am I looking funny,Shivam walks out and asks what’s this,sushil says it’s not that funny,Satya would tell me otherwise,Bapu says you are looking pretty it’s just that we aren’t used to see you this way,naresh says I thought you will get rid of it as soon as possible,sushil says I wanted to show Dadaji,Bapu says your mom when she came here first time she looked like you,like a princess,sushil says there was a horse man,and he pushed me and I fell,if i wasn’t wearing lehnga I would have hit him.

Bapu says nothing can happen of this girl,I’m going to sleep,sushil says don’t sleep I will make you warm water, immerse your legs in it before going to bed.he says okay and leaves.naresh says didn’t Satya say anything sushil,sushil say she did go but he didn’t come back and not even meet me,naresh says oh feeling bad,sushil says no no,naresh says no worries tomorrow you meet him.

Satya shows jiggi Payal and says this is my last step and will win my bet,jiggi say syou will gift her this,Satya says just what and watch,today before 2917 ends she will say I love you to me. Sushil in kitchen says good Satya left he would ask for chat and my fats would break,naresh says Shivam come I will show you something,she is going milk for Bapu instead of water,she has lost herself to Satya,sushil walks to them and says what Satya,naresh says you are all of Satya,sushil says no no,Dadaji like sit and stop teasing me,and pours milk in bucket,naresh says ok I won’t tease but look into my eyes and tell me the truth,while boiling water you were thinking of Satya.

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Ikyawann 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : naresh writes on a paper I love you Satya,and Sushil trying to grab it it falls on floor and Satya picks it up.

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