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Ikyawann 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Leela Traps Susheel


Ikyawann 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 27th March 2018 Episode Start With Satya sprinkling water on Susheel’s face. He asks her to get up. He asks are you alright, did you see, like I m helping you, I was helping Soumya, nothing else, don’t know how the thread got stuck in my watch. She says I came to say sorry, not to blame, I couldn’t understand what’s happening in room. He says you know I didn’t like when you asked me what am I doing there. Sejal sees Vishu packing a gift. She asks what’s all this.

He says you said you want a surprise, I m also capable to take decisions, I will give you surprise gift tomorrow, lets see what you plan for me. She asks why will I surprise, demand was mine. He says plan changed, I have also kept my demand, you can’t think what I planned. She goes. Susheel holds ears and says sorry, I won’t ask about thread and paratha. He asks which paratha, you think I had eaten that, seriously, you are imagining anything. She laughs. Soumya says they are talking again, I have to do something major. Satya goes. Sejal sees him and says looks like Satya and Susheel had a talk, what is Soumya doing here.

Its morning, Gulabo asks Vishu to come for breakfast. Sejal asks what surprise will be best for Vishu. Vishu asks is your surprise not ready, you will lose. Sejal says I won’t lose, I was asking to see if mum knows you better than me or not, I have already decided the surprise. Gulabo says it means you know my son better. Sejal says then say. Leela comes and gives neighbor’s news. Gulabo asks when will you give good news, tell me. Vishu smiles. Leela says they didn’t even go for honeymoon. Sejal thinks and says you have stolen my surprise idea. Leela says they should go out on picnic or nearby, with Satya and Susheel, they don’t get time to spend. Sejal says I was booking Singapore tickets and was going to tell you. Leela says go nearby first. Sejal thanks Leela.

Leela asks Vishu to tell Satya and Susheel too. He goes. Leela sees Soumya and signs. Soumya thinks wait and watch my plan. Sejal asks Susheel why is she reacting shocked. Vishu asks Satya to come. Satya refuses. Sejal asks what’s your problem, give me your phone. She scolds him. Susheel laughs. Satya agrees. Soumya thinks they aren’t asking me, my plan will fail.

Susheel says you need rest, else you could have come with Shivam. Soumya says I m fine and goes near Satya. Susheel says then you and Shivam come along. Soumya agrees. Sejal says the more the merrier, come. Soumya thinks everything is going on perfect, I have to stop Susheel. Satya asks Susheel is this her plan. Soumya thinks I have a plan for your foolish wife. She says sorry, did I ruin your plan. Susheel says no one can come between us, we are usually sorted. Soumya says I agreed as I wanted to know Shivam better. Susheel says I thought they should come along. Satya says fine. Soumya thanks them and goes.

Kali checks Mehul and says you are fine now, Susheel also settled, Shivam is also marrying. Mehul asks Nitish is he happy now. Kali says take tension of Shivam’s marriage now. Nitish says we tried to meet girl, did you see her. Kali says she is pretty and good natured. He says we didn’t see her pic. She shows them Soumya’s pic. Soumya says everyone just adores me, even Satya will like me. She recalls Satya and smiles. She says maybe he already likes me, life gave me second chance, my first husband didn’t deserve me, I will stay here as rich wife of rich Satya. She sees her marriage pic and thinks how did I forget this. Kali says internet is bit slow, sorry. Soumya deletes the pic. Mehul and Nitish like Soumya. Kali says don’t worry, you won’t miss Susheel now. Mehul says our new daughter, we got this made for her. Kali likes the chain and says S for Shivam and S for Soumya. Soumya says I deleted my past, I have to make Satya my present.

Susheel writes a sorry note and keeps in Satya’s bag. Leela comes to ask for shagun envelope. Susheel gives her. Leela asks her to give shagun to neighbor and come fast. Susheel goes. Leela says I did my past, now its your turn to convince Satya, make him feel you are right for him. Soumya smiles. Sejal teases Shivam. He greets Soumya. She asks him to let Susheel come first. Satya comes. Sejal says Vishu and I will come alone in this car. Soumya hopes Susheel doesn’t come. Susheel falls in a pit covered with leaves. Leela and Jhanna quickly shut the pit. Leela says your life will be like this pit now.


Ikyawann 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivam says where is Susheel. Satya drives off. Susheel tries to come out. Soumya smiles seeing Satya.

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