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Ikyawann 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Naresh Makes Suhail Realise She Is Falling For Satya


Ikyawann 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Naresh says weren’t you thinking about Satya,sushil says why will I,naresh says so you boiled milk instead of water,don’t lie now,sushil puts the milk back in vessel,phui walks in and says are you mad,you boiled milk,how will you find a guy to marry.

All ladies in kitchen,gulabo says Sejal get me the spoon you are so slow,Leela says yes it’s a big day for my Satya,go I will manage here,Sejal says Vishu your dadi is a character I tell you,Vishu says even after seeing sushil and Satya together at dandiya still dadi is happy,Kali asks what,Sejal says yes kaki even we are confused,everyone walk out,Kali asks Leela, why all this baa,gulabo says it’s for Satya Kali you never understand,Leela says that’s like my girl always guesses correct,gulabo says may be she found a girl for Satya,who must be pretty,sushil(cultured).

Sushil says Dadaji your haldi milk and warm water,naresh says even Didi use to do so,and she liked beard man do you,you know your mapa increased beard for your ma,Bapu says naresh no nonsense,naresh says I was just trying to find similarities,sushil leaves.sushil says mama,mapa really increased beard for ma,naresh says yes he did,like you are doing for Satya,wore the lehnga he liked.

Sejal says dadi you choose sushil for Satya when how nice,Leela says shutup no one will say that camels name in my house,Prakash says ma clam down you are so happy don’t ruin your happiness,vijay says yes bhabhi thought you are happy because you found a perfect match,last time you were happy when bhabhi and Prakash Bhais wedding was fixed,Leela says after that I found no happiness and no one will talk about Satyas wedding, I will find a match for him,and she won’t be sushil,he is doing such big nice work,Kali asks what work,Leela says you want to know all the details, he is doing business works which he wasn’t interested before.

Naresh says sushil you need to express yourself only then you will find true love,sushil says stop it you two I’m not in love,Shivam bhai please leave,Shivam says if even your mapa would think so,you wouldn’t be here,naresh says your mapa wrote love letter to ma,Shivam gets a paper and pen and says cmon write su,and plays music,naresh and Shivam start dancing to cheer sushil and encourage her to write love letter.sushil says but there isn’t anything like this and stop troubling me.

Shivam says why acting so pricy,naresh says yes we can see changes in you and that is because you have fallen in love,Shivam and naresh force her to write letter,sushil says no,naresh says I have seen change in you and love for him in your eyes,Shivam says cmon su,naresh says come Shivam let’s go and both stand near the door,sushil writes hello Satya on the paper,naresh reads it and says who writes like this,naresh says I will write and writes I love you Satya.

Sushil says no mama give it back to me and chase him,and Shivam,the paper falls down and Satya picks it up,Satya opens it but before he could read naresh calls him and takes the paper and asks what are you doing here,it’s my medicine lists,and sushil didn’t you tell your friends it’s not good to visit you late night,sushil says mama it must be important,naresh says ok,you two talk let’s go Shivam,let’s finish our work and both leave.

Sushil asks Satya what are you doing here,Satya says did you have dinner,sushil says I told you fruits then broke my fast, I did that,Satya says cmon let’s go have chat,sushil says no phui will be very angry,she is very worried for me,I can’t bother her,Satya thinks she is such an irritating person I have to win before 12, Satya says ok no issues here’s a Payal you left in green room,Shivam says when did she start wearing Payal,naresh says duffer he is gifting her one,it’s just a reason to see her.

Sushil says it’s not mine,Satya says ok it’s not delicate so I thought it’s yours,anyways I shall leave bye,Satya walks saying stop me stop me,naresh stops Satya and says did you give Sushil’s Payal,satya looks at naresh and thinks he is my man and make my work easy,sushil says mama this isn’t mine,naresh says it is now go get my medicines and walks to sushil,Shivam says yes he is in pain,naresh says Satya will you help her,Satya says sure,Naresh says Shivam get me pen and says sushil it’s a sign that he is here for you now go with him,don’t be scared and show your soft side too,sushil says mama but there isn’t anything and if someone learns about this,naresh says I’m here don’t worry I’m here your mama.sushil looks at Satya.

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Ikyawann 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sushil and Satya having chat. Satya makes a call and says be prepared I will be home in an hour with the news of my victory.

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