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Ikyawann 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sejal Tells Kali That Something Is Cooking Between Satya And Sushil.


Ikyawann 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Sushil having the letter in hand thinking what am I doing here and what medicines will I buy,he has written I live you Satya here and other side ghagras and milk,Satya thinking is she buying whole medicine store,and says sushil I’m very hungry cmon,sushil says go ahead,Satya says if I wanted to have alone why would I bring you,sushil says look phui ba will be very hungry if I break fast,Satya says cmon sushil it’s ok to break fast,sushil says it’s wrong to break someone’s heart and let me leave it’s Late you go have chat,bye,Satya thinks my challenge.

Sushil thinking while walking why am I not getting angry with him and feels giddy, and falls in Satya arm,Satya says keep quite and have it,sushil faints saying Satya my fast.
Kali cleaning Satyas room,finds Payal receipt,Vishu walks in looking for Satya,Kali asks him where is Satya,Sejal walks in saying may be gone to see sushil,Vishu leaves,Sejal says when we were girlfriend boyfriend this Vishu was always in touch,Kali says Satya went to meet sushil why,Sejal says kaki yours was love marriage right,then think why would Satya go to meet Sushil,Kali says really,no not possible,Sejal says yes kaki,sushil and Satya something is cooking I saw with my own eyes in dandiya.

Sushil asks what did you make me eat and says now phui ba will kill me,if you gave me chat and my fast broke and she will say who will marry me but who will tell here there son connection between fast and marriage,Satya says even I keep thinking,sushil says really,even you think no one will marry me,Satya says no Infact I think there will be a huge line infront of your house like your height, of guys willing to marry you.

Satya says I didn’t break your fast this chat is mine,I gave you fruits, now have some more I can’t lift you one more time if you faint,sushil says I was a bit scared,if my fast breaks it will be disrespecting Dadaji and phui ba and you can call my mapa,mapa my friends call him so. Kali says so this Payal is for sushil,sushil is so caring and good girl,Sejal says but kaki there is a confusion,she is so tall,like dadis pony,Kali says Sejal but what if ba learns about sushil and Satya,Sejal says yes kaki today dadi saw them in dandiya but Satya spoke to her and she was Happy and then all this arrangement and again she got angry on sushil,Kali says ok I will look into it for now keep quite in this matter.

Satya sits beside sushil very close to her,she feels the vibes and moves a little aside,Satya offers her pani puri,and teases her,Satya coughs,sushil while giving him water both hold same glass,Satya cleans Sushil’s face with a tissue,Satya purposely puts some food on his face,sushil signs him,Satya asks what,sushil hands him tissue and smiles.

Mapa gets home with Nitish and calls sushil,phui says she must be sleeping,she is careless,mapa says she is doing everything and cares for everyone,let me go wake her up,god knows has she eaten anything,naresh acts as if he has stomach ache and says I’m having stomach ache and so I sent her with Shivam to get medicine,phui says so late,mapa says no worries Shivam is with her.mapa makes her a call but her phone in home,Nitish says let me get them,naresh says no no I will go get them, I feel like having a walk feel relaxed too and leaves.

Shivam says papa why didn’t you tell them about Sushil and Satya,naresh says there’s no confirmation yet and I want credits so now let’s go get them,and thinks first I arranged Didi and jijajis wedding and now their daughters well done naresh.

Satya says tell me one thing,you thought I will break your fast,sushil says don’t know,but my fate has some problem and is things get spoilt like in Vishu bhais wedding to something would go wrong and I would blame you and I’m sorry for that, you know Dadaji and phui are always behind my wedding but I want to support my mapa kaka and mama,and Dadaji get hurt and so i try and keep him happy by doing things like fasting,Satya says I can understand even I can’t let me dadi down,sushil says yes never let her down,do everything she asks for and whole heartedly,Satya remembers Leela asking to insult sushil,sushil says Dadaji must be home let’s go now.

Satya calls jiggi and says one hour for new year and my victory be prepared.

Precap : 

Ikyawann 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Satyas face all covered with Grease and Sushil changing the tyre,Satya says sushil I love you.Satya says my answer Sushil,sushil smiles turns around and runs away.

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