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Ikyawann 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Soumya Traps Satya


Ikyawann 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 29th March 2018 Episode Start With Soumya lying that its her mum’s mangalsutra, which warden gave her, she wants to wear it on her marriage. Kali says I m so sorry. Soumya says no, you are elder and have a right. Kali says no, I m Susheel’s Saas, not yours. She goes. Soumya says I have to make you my Saas soon. She smiles. Leela says S for Soumya and S for Satya, its mentioned right, everyone will feel Shivam will get engaged to Soumya, but no Satya will get engaged to her, Susheel will get her sautan. She stops Jhanno and starts scolding her. Jhanno signs to explain. Leela says if I see you helping Susheel, I will not leave you. Jhanno goes. Leela smiles.

Sejal compliments Soumya and gets a bindi for her. Soumya thinks why are they not leaving, I have to start my work. Kali comes and says you look gorgeous.She asks Susheel and Sejal to welcome guests. Soumya asks them to go, thanks. They leave. Soumya pulls off the sleeves of the dress and sings Sajna hai mujhe….Susheel’s family comes. Susheel does Shivam’s aarti and tilak. Leela says we should do rasam as it is. Susheel asks where is Maapaa. Mehul comes.

Susheel hugs him. Leela asks Gulabo to keep Kiran inside the room. Susheel says its old incident, Kiran can come in front of dad, nothing will happen. Leela says I don’t have any problem but I don’t want Kiran to get pain again, Mehul couldn’t come in your wedding, now he has come, its fine. She thinks he will witness the drama today. Soumya comes to Satya’s room. He looks at her.

She holds his hand and makes him hold her face. She says I m not Susheel, I m Soumya, what happened. He says sorry Susheel is outside, she is busy attending guests. Soumya says from whom shall I take help, anyways you get ready and come, I m going. He asks what help do you want. She says my kamarbandh, it got loose. He says I will help. He ties it well. Vishu comes and asks are you ready, Susheel is outside. She says yes, Satya told me just now. Vishu asks Satya to get flowers from terrace. He goes.

Soumya compliments Satya and goes. Leela and Susheel gift Shivam. Satya goes on terrace and thinks of Soumya. He sits there. He calls Vishu and says there is no basket here. Vishu says look behind. Soumya comes there and stands feeling the breeze. Satya takes the basket and sees Soumya. He thinks what’s happening to me, why am I getting attracted towards Soumya. He looks at her. She asks you here. He says I came here to take flower basket, everyone must be waiting for you, what are you doing here.

She says I was taking my parents’ blessings, its said that people become stars after leaving the world, I feel strange on meeting you, I bump into you again and again like there is some connection. Susheel asks Sejal where is Soumya. Sejal says don’t know, I went to get kamarbandh for her. Susheel says fine, you go fast. She calls Soumya. Soumya says sorry, I will leave.

Satya stops her. She smiles. Susheel looks for them. Satya and Soumya fall down. Rose petals fall on them. Soumya flirts with him. He lifts her and gets close. She says this is not right, what are you doing. He says maybe, but whatever is happening, this feels good. Susheel comes there and sees them. She gets shocked.


Ikyawann 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Susheel says congrats, you got free from me. She removes the ring and gives Satya. She leaves with her family. Leela and Soumya smile.

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