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Ikyawann 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vishu And Sejal Consume Poison.


Ikyawann 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 4th December 2017 Episode start With Sushil falls in Satya arm. Jyoti begging Leela,Leela says when I say no it’s a no,Vishu and Satya come soon,Satya says dadi Vishu bhai and and Sejal bhabhi consumed poison. Phui messes whole kitchen and says sushil will organise all this and warn you,no one will help her,if she can help others on their wedding,she surely can help herself out in her kitchen.

Kali trying to look at Sejal and Vishu,she walks to Sejal,Leela says don’t go to Sejal go check my son first,Satya signs Kali that it’s an act,Kali says Satya take everyone out and sushil stay here for help.all leave,Kali says no get up you two,and scolds them,Vishu says please try and understand,Kali says didn’t you see your parents,sushil says I told them the same,Sejal di I haven’t seen my mother but Shivam bhai still misses his,and Kali aunty it’s Satya plan.

(Satya says Vishu bhai and bhabhi this is the only way,sushil says are you mad,Satya says I know how to handle dadi,and it’s shampoo)

Vishu says Kali aunty it’s just to handle dadi,Kali says this Satya,Vishu says he does so because he loves me,Sejal says of something or else I will really consume poison,Kali says keep quite and sushil go inform down.

Leela says Jyoti if my Vishu dies I won’t let your Sejal survive too.
Jyoti says please be quite,our children are dying,Satya says dadi clam down,and says dadi if they complain to police there will be a big drama and these two love each other,like you love me and Vishu bhai,let it go dadi,agree to this wedding,sushil hears this,Leela says for you my Satya,sushil smiles,Leela says but promise you won’t let me go through such pain,Leela looks at sushil,sushil says they are out of danger,Leela says go ahead with wedding arrangements.all very happy. Jiggi hugs Satya and says bro you saved the day,sushil hears this and smiles.

The wedding rituals begin,while about to exchange garlands Satya says one minute,and walks to Leela and gives her a hand to walk to mandap and be a part of the wedding,Leela holds his hand and with red eyes,walks to mandap,scared and Vishu and Sejal don’t look at her,Leela thinks Sejal look now everyday of your life will be a poisonous.

Vishu and Sejal exchange garlands,Satya says ma let’s take a selfie and clicks a pic with Kali and she says good work and never again,Satya says yes I won’t.satya purposely throws flowers at sushil,she gets a message from Mehul why hasn’t she posted a pic with food,and leaves and while walking dashes Chano and leaves,Chano sees Sushil and it reminds her of the tattoo and is in tears.

Sejal and Vishu take Leelas blessing,leela holds Sejal neck tightly,and says this is my blessing,all give her a shocked look and Leela say sits a joke and starts laughing. Sushil looking at food arrangements,Chano following her,sushil says where is pani puri bhaiya let me make one for myself,she gets a call from Mehul and leaves and says yes don’t worry I’m having food. Chano slowly adds alcohol in the pani puri.

Sushil about starts having pani puri,Satya near by,jiggi says wow challenge,Satya says no yaar enough of this challenge,I give yo,Suhail starts coughing,Satya gives her a glass of water but she doesn’t accept and calls him looser for stealing his trophy,Satya says I’m not,sushil says okay then let’s have an pani puri competition ,Satya says deal,jiggi makes them pani ours and both have on feather the other and get drunk,Satya says not anymore,sushil says I know you will loose,Satya says sushil but other challenge I will win, the one where I have to make you fall for me and ditch you,sushil says me, I will say I love you,no I fact I hate you but now a little less because you helped Sejal di and Vishu bhaiya,Satya says okay.

Chano gets Leela and she sees,Satya and sushil giving each other pani puri and gets angry,sushil says Satya even mapa gives me food with same love, do you know ma pa,Satya says yes mother and father two in one,sushil says correct,Leela gets very angry and says this girl how dare she get close to my grandson and before Satya does something like Vishu I have to stop this,I have to do something quickly.

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Ikyawann 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sushil asks Satya did you mix something in pani puri,Satya nods no,Leela sees them talk and gets angry pushes the Divya away and the mandap catches fire.

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