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Ikyawann 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sushil Isn’t Payed For Her Event Management.


Ikyawann 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 5th December 2017 Episode start With Leela gets a water pipe,Satya and sushil giving each other hifi and Leela by mistake sprays water over Satya.sushil says happy holidays Satya,Satya sees Leela and she walks off,Satya says I’m dead now,Satya gains his senses back,he sees sushil is still drunk,Shivam walks to them,Satya says Shivam look after her sineine added something in this,sushil starts having an headache.kali checks sushil and realises sushil is drunk,Shivam says she and Satya had pani Puri competition,and something was added in it,sushil says Satya must have surely.

Leela says Satya she is behind you,Satya says no dadi,Leela says you could go after any girl but just stay away from that girl,Satya says have you seen that girl,she looks like a fool, I will find a girl and not a tom boy like her,and someone had added something in Pani puri,Leela says it must be her,come let me talk to her,Kali says have this and you will feel better.

Leela says sushil must have added something,sushil get up,Kali says everything is fine,Leela says come give me pani puri,sushil makes her one,Leela says put some chilli,sushil says it’s not good in this age,Leela says don’t teach me do as I say,Leela taste the pani puri,she tastes it again,and turns to Satya and says it’s perfectly fine.

(Kali had changed the pani puri when she and Shivam had checked it)

Leela says you are lying to your dadi,Satya checks it again,and Leela says she must have done something to trap you but you keep in mind,Satya says sure. Leela says come on quickly arrange the Bidai.

Bidai rituals begin,Leela says you Sejal quickly,Sejal calls Suhail for help,Leela says you married my grandson will you take her as well,sushil goes and stands behind Satya,Satya slowly asks are you fine,Leela hears this,she gets angry,and remembers every incident when sushil and Satya where together and pushes Divya and the mandap catches fire.

Sushil about to throw water on the fire,Leela steps in between and the water falls over her.satya pulls Leela away from fire,Leela angry in sushil,sushil trying to get rid of fire and by mistake about to throw ghee,Satya steps in and Sushil throws it over him,Satya says stupid,it’s ghee it would increase fire,Leela about to pulls Satya,her hand slips and about to fall,sushil saves her.

Leela pushes her away and says dare you touch me,gulabo says there is some problem everyday,Leela asks did you lay her,Jyoti says no,Leela says why pay but,she has done no work properly and now fire,is this a circus,sushil says gets hiccups,and says I did everything you asked for even the mango juice,Leela says yes you did and steps on the stage and says now talk,sushil says Jyoti aunty,I tried hard,you gave mapa contract,he trusted me but I was less somewhere but I tried to mend everything ,Leela says shut up,you and your mapa,go call him,I will teach him too,Sejal says papa please,and dadi sushil worked hard and did all,let’s pay her at least something ,we promised 750000 let’s give her 700000,Leela says that’s right.

Leela pushes 2000 note in Sushil’s mouth and says now your hiccups will stop and says dare anyone pays her,sushil says it’s not about money but my mapa respect,and I did no wrong but this is wrong and shows the money and says I never let wrong happen and puts money back in her purse and says please don’t cut my pay.

Phui starts scolding Mehul and says look your daughter came without pay,this is what happens when you make daughters work,naresh says but Shivam was there,Shivam says it was a great confusion,Bapu says you know we have loans,how will we pay now,look Mehul what you have done,Sushil says I did nothing,I organised everything and did everything well,Dadaji I didn’t knew they won’t pay,Sejal di and Jyoti aunty where to pay but her dadi Leela she didn’t allow,Bapu says enough of your work now,and Mehul it’s a warning to you too,phui says now go organise the kitchen,you didn’t get any money,sushil leaves crying.

Kali says Satya here’s cheque,give it to sushil,you dadi never does good,and remember no one should know,Satya thinks now it’s a golden opportunity to win challenge,Kiran snatches the cheque and says even I want caught you.

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Ikyawann 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : money lenders threat parekhs and pick up all their belongings,Bapu says I’m sorry,I will auction my house but pay you,one says now we will take your belongings and pushes Bapu.

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