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Ikyawann 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Satya Saves Baake.


Ikyawann 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 6th December 2017 Episode start with Kiran says no I won’t give,even I want this,Satya says no give it,Leela and Chano walk to them,Leela says stop it you two,no sound at all,Satya says phui please give me,Vishu and Sejal at the door for grahpravesh,gulabo performs Aarti,Leela gives Sejal cold looks,Sejal enters the house,she steps in the kumkum water and walks in,Kiran dashes her and the cheque falls in Sejal feet,Satya picks it up before Chano,Leela asks what is it,Kali and Satya scared,Leela walks to Satya,Satya signs Kali to put the fan on,Leela about to take it,it flies,Leela says have you lost it,Satya slowly exchanges it and says bill,Leela says give it to Prakash.satya does so,Leela says Chano go get it,Satya asks what,Leela says everything is wrong,first fire in mandap and then grahpravesh was stopped so now hand imprint ritual, so that all will be fine.

Leela starts singing a song,and Chano gets cow dung,all close their nose,Vishu pulls Sejal,Satya says dadi and her drama won’t stop,mom I will go,Kali says go tomorrow,Satya says they might be in need let me go.
Phui sees sushil has done her work well and asks did you do it or your mapa and kaka helped,sushil says no I did,nitesh walks in and says let’s learn chilli pickle today,phui leaves.nitesh says it was a act,mapa walks in,naresh gets pickle and says your gift for today and give her a roll of chapati with her favourite pickle.

Sushil drops some oil on her shirt,naresh says clean it or phui will kill us,she says don’t worry I will say that it’s my uncles and mapas love,it won’t go even my washing,Mehul gets emotional.

Bapu starts getting calls from money vendors,sushil hears and asks mapa we have no money at all,Mehul says you don’t worry have food we will manage.

Sejal puts clip on her nose,Leela takes it off and says Sejal cmon imprint your hand on this wall,Kali says this isn’t needed ma it’s not her fault,Leela says gulabo she is your daughter in law why is Kali having problem,gulabo says Kali be quite,Sejal do as ba says.

Sejal imagines applying all the dung on Leelas face,and saying you are no less then a wall,always behind me like a wolf and starts laughing,all look at her in surprise,gulabo asks what’s wrong,Sejal looks at Leela angrily starring at her,Leela athinks she isn’t scared of me,laughing straight away.

Sejal somehow puts hand in dung and imprints it on wall but there is no mark Sejal tries hard,and says what is this ( Chano on Leelas orders had cover dthe wall with plastic)

Leela says look gulabo and Prakash,this wedding took against gods and my wish and so one more thing spoiled,Sejal says dadi may be this dung is mixed like something wrong, gulabo says are you mad,Leela imprints her hand on other wall and says I don’t do such things,and never will.

Sejal walks to Leela and says sorry dadi don’t be angry,even you had selected me,please forgive me I will do anything you say,Leela says you cheated me and so you will have to face punishment,and there will be a pooja to fix all the bad and till then,Vishu and Sejal won’t stay together,Sejal will sleep with me until the pooja.

Satya and jiggi to Sushil’s house,Jiggi says why now,Satya says look dadi has already spoiled things,this will be a great way to fix it. Vendors ask for money,Bapu says I’m sorry,sushil says Dadaji why say sorry,phui says it’s Mehul fault,Mehul says please give me some time,I will give money,one says we can’t let’s pick all their belongings and start picking things,Bapu says I will auction my house but pay you,the man pushes Bapu and Satya saves him from falling ,Satya walks to the man who did so and touches his feet and says you should respect elders like this and not push.

Satya says Dadaji please take a seat,are you fine,sushil and Shivam worked hard,especially sushil,she worked very hard to make the event best,but because of few mistakes my dadi didn’t like it,but that doesn’t mean she should be at loss,dadi had denied but I somehow convinced her and here is your pay and hands the cheque to Bapu(Baake),and says sorry uncle and sorry Sushil’s mapa,sorry Shivam,sorry hemaji, sushil you know hemaji,phui says I’m dareka,sushil says you look exactly like Hema malini from Sholay,phui very happy.

Sushil checks cheque and says one zero missing,Satya checks and says it says 7.5 lakhs must be missed in hurry and corrects and also convinces the vendors and they leave.

Satya sees Sushil’s ID and says you study here,mapa says yes,mapa asks what will you have,Satya says no it’s a wedding house I have to go and leaves.

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Ikyawann 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :sushil in college,hears our seniors are undefeated,sushil says let me see who they are, Satya makes an entry,sushil says tattoo boy,Satya says so did you like my surprise.

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