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Ikyawann 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Satya And Susheel Compete


Ikyawann 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 7th April 2018 Episode Start With  fighter didi telling Susheel that hatred can’t teach victory to anyone, why is she doing this, does she want to prove herself to Satya. Susheel says I have to show that a woman’s work is not to please her husband and fulfill household chores, I want to prove that no one has rights to compel a woman against her will. Fighter didi asks what’s the need to recall Satya, why do you want to recall the past, your present has everything to shape your future. She takes care of Susheel’s burns and says you have to forget the past, you are here on your Dada ji’s saying, thinking everything will get fine, maybe nothing is fine if you get stuck in past. She goes.

Kali tells Satya that Soumya is not tough like Susheel, they have to look after Soumya. Soumya asks Kali to go clinic,does she not get bored at home. Kali recalls Susheel. She says I get a leave once a week to give time to family, I promised someone that I will spend time with my son. Susheel barges in and breaks the things. Satya stops her and asks what is she doing. She says I want to show what you did with my life. Everyone looks on. He wakes up and looks at his room. He says Susheel went but is scaring me in dreams.

Soumya comes and says I got green tea for you, I like your room and think when will I enter here without knocking, are you fine. He says come with me. Susheel argues with a lady. Satya tells everyone that he wants to marry Soumya soon, why to wait if they both want to marry, he wants to change everything in his room. Kali agrees and says I want Satya to settle soon, congrats Satya. Soumya says we are happy and want to be together, everything is fine. She goes and thanks Lord.

Fighter didi asks the ladies to keep the nests well. She says Susheel, I have something for you, its not easy, you have to make this egg reach that nest, these four ladies will try their best to stop you, but I have to see your spontaneity, you all can vent out your frustration. Susheel sees the egg. Satya asks Soumya to wear anything she wants. She says I will have food and clothes of your choice, then maybe I dominate you. He selects a color. She laughs. She sends him and goes to change. She thinks she will be soon Satya Ajmera. Susheel says I have to become wrestling queen. The ladies try to stop her. Susheel takes the egg in hand. Satya comes in his balcony and sees her. He laughs saying he looks like a cartoon, what’s her new drama now. Susheel doesn’t drop the egg. Satya looks on. Susheel runs towards the nest. She gets hit by some lady and falls back. Fighter Didi says you didn’t lose as you weren’t ready, your focus was just on the aim, not on the person hiding behind the nest. Satya comes and says focus… bluff is more imp. Susheel says what else did you learn, I want to try again. Satya says you play a predictable game, your first thinking can’t be right always. He gives her the egg. Fighter didi stops Susheel. She asks do you think you know this well. Satya says definitely. She says fine, Susheel will stop you now. Susheel stops Satya holding his leg and makes him fall. She gives him her hand. He gets up and says I m marrying Soumya in ten days. Susheel gets upset. He smiles seeing her lose attention.


Ikyawann 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya goes to keep egg. Susheel takes the egg from him and runs. The egg falls over Soumya. Susheel and everyone laugh.

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