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Ikyawann 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 7th December 2017 Episode start with Susheel has her breakfast and says she is getting late for college. Mehul gets a call. Susheel gets ready to leave while Bakhe asks her to get his tea. Mehul tells that he is going to his relative Vishesh house as they have called up for their new born baby.

Bakhe tells ok then he will make the payment. Susheel says she will make the payment before coming home from college. Bakhe hands the money to Susheel. Bakhe says that our house also had bought the 51 child and was about to bring happiness. Mehul says one day Susheel will make them proud. Sejal talks to Susheel on phone call about Leela and Sejal starts complaining about Leela. Susheel looks at the basketball poster. There a guy makes an announcement of the basketball challenge between the 2014 and 2017 batch.

Susheel asks her friend to participate in the competition. While the guy refuses says that they need a girl and they need someone who can divert their senior’s mind. While they make way for Satya and he makes his entry. Susheel decides to tell him thank you for the cheque. While Satya shows his style in front of Susheel and says did she like his surprise. Satya puts his hand forward for friendship and asks Susheel to be his friend. Susheel puts her hand forward and pushes up the ball.

Susheel says lets keep the competition as it is as they are champions. Susheel challenges Satya and tells him she will defeat him in the basketball game just like the matki fod competition. Susheel comes her way home while helps a small guy removing his kite. She asks the kid about Magan’s shop. Satya was in the same shop and the man asks if he needs some more help. Satya says no as he has done what he wanted to do. Magan tells Satya that Bakhe is a good man and why did he play such trick. Satya says he just wanted to make his impression in front of everyone and he asks him to forget everything. Meanwhile he removes his specs and looks Susheel from behind.

Susheel asks Satya about what is he doing here. Satya asks that she did not listen anything and says he though she hear. Susheel says he thinks he will win the basketball competiton and thus came here to take this drums and other instruments for his victory so that he can show off. Susheel says that she will win the match and she makes the payment to Magan and also says sorry for the problem. Susheel looks at the food there and asks Magan if she can eat as she is hungry. Satya says its not good and orders other food from the next shop. Satya asks Susheel to eat. Susheel and Satya have a eye contact and they start eating while a man plays a radio in which the song says “Chal ghar jaldi ho gyi der”… Susheel hears it and gets ready to leave and Satya hols her hand and says he will drop her home.

Susheel says don’t keep on holding her hand all the time. Susheel leaves. Later, a dog chases her. Susheel gets scared and she runs away. Susheel waits for auto while the dog again starts barking on her and Satya comes there. Satya tells that he will drop her. Susheel asks him to drop till the auto stand. Satya keeps on laughing on the way. Susheel asks him to wear helmet and not act like hero. Susheel says he can drop her till home. Susheel asks him to drive slowly and he puts on his helmet. Satya purchases helmet for Susheel. Satya drives fast. Susheel thinks that she even if he drives fast she won’t get close to him.

Ikyawann 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya and Susheel prepare for basketball competition. Satya says he won’t let her win this. On the other hand, Susheel tells Shivam that no one has defeated her in basketball game and throws the ball. It falls near Fui Ba and the rice grains fall over the ground.

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