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Ikyawann 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

phui Denies Sushil From Playing Basketball Match.


Ikyawann 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 8th December 2017 Episode start with  Satya drops sushil,she says thank you,Satya says just because I helpe dtoday doesn’t mean will let you loose,sushil says oh I’m scared and leaves,Satya says this challenge is tougher than Mount Everest. Leela asks where is kali,he says seeing a patient,Leela says we already have so many patients here but look at her.

Leela says Sejal come have breakfast and you didn’t let me sleep, you kicked me a lot and holds her hand and says Lal that happened isn’t accepted by me,and so there will be pooja,Sejal says dadi what wrong,everything is going well, and if something went wrong things are getting right,like look we got a big order right,
Gulabo says don’t speak,Leela says I like pooja,and there isn’t any fault right,here hold this knife and apple cut it,Sejal cuts it,the apple is rotten,( Leela had added die in all the apples).

Leela says look at this apple,look Vishu,she said nothing is wrong now see even apple is rottening after she touches it,Sejal says these are parsad apples and jhano got it,Leela says so did she add something,it’s your black thoughts that are reflecting in this,Sejal about to pic new apple,Leela stops her,and drops apple purposely,jhano exchanges it,Leela cuts the apple,(Leela had asked Jhansi to hide an apple),Leela shows everyone the apple she cut is all good.sejal shocked.leela says so there will be pooja,your fate is related to this house fate and not a word against me now,and now do as I say and Vishu stay away.

Sushil practising basket ball,Satya practising too,jiggi says bro what you think you will be champion in a day,Satya says do you think I can’t, I know I’m playing first time,and 1 Is fav number and will win,I believe in smart work,Satya gets a basket ring and says look.

Sushil uses a bucket cuts it from bottom to use as basket,Shivam Amy’s your spoilt bucket but don’t loose and rest your legs are swollen if you don’t you will loose,sushil says firstly this bucket was already of no use and no one can ever defeat me,and throws ball at Shivam,he ditches it and it hits phui,and plate in her hand falls,phui gets very angry,Sushil says I’m sorry.

Vishu says ma we are married now,and it’s so wrong,we are sleeping separate and may be the apple was already rotten,and ma why aren’t you talking,you choose Sejal right,you like her,And ma why are you upset,gulabo says I do like her but you should have informed me,and ba already doesn’t talk well and it’s better you two do as she asks too.phui cuts Sushil’s ball into pieces,she starts crying,Nitish tries to defend,phui says what wrong,look at her,you all are spoiling her,sushil says phui why a you doing this,you start destroying all my wishes,phui says tomorrow is puran masi pooja,you are going no where, go starts preparing for Prasad.

Satya says girls look good cooking but I won’t let her cook at basket ball, jiggi says she is no normal girl,Satya says these are her tricks,Leela calls Satya,Satya says dare you take Sushil’s name in front of dadi or else we are dead.satya says yes dadi,Leela says this phone isn’t working,Satya says it’s hanged let me repair,Leela says eta something even I haven’t,Satya kisses her,Leela says always busy, Satya says cmon give me food,Leela says why are you playing in college competition, you could have told me I would have Declared you winner,Satya says this time I shall play and win.

Kali sees them,Leela says look doctor is here,Kali greets them,Kali says Satya I’m sorry I was busy I couldn’t receive your call, Satya says yes busy with patients you never have time for me,Kali says Satya why so rude,speak sweetly I’m your mother,Satya says you are my mother, my mother has clinic and patients but no time for me,and on other hand my dadi who owns a big business but who doesn’t have food without me,so ma you got to Keran from dadi and leaves,Kali in tears,Leela gives her sarcastic smile.

Nitesh tells everyone about phui, Shivam says Mehul uncle please let sushil play,Mehul says what should I say,is there any effect, no one will hear you here,sushil won’t go unless phui asks to,because she die st want to hurt her but still I will go talk to her. Sushil asleep,Bapu beside her legs with a spray,and looks at her,and remembers Mehul say my daughter is your grand daughter,Mehul walks in calling for him,he gets up and acts as if he is spraying in room and says it’s stinking here so, Mehul says it’s body ache spray,he says okay and leaves.

Mehul takes the scary and about to spray,sushil wakes up,Mehul says be asleep,angry right,sushil says why shouldn’t I,Mehul says everything brick breaking trick won’t work,learn to tackle your anger,and tomorrow phui has no talking upvas you no why,sushil asks why,Mehul says because at times silence has no answers,sushil says but phui said no to college,Mehul says I will talk to her,sushil says how long will you keep fighting,no worries I won’t play,I don’t want to give you tension,Mehul hugs her and says there isn’t any tension,you go to sleep I will talk to her tomorrow and leaves.

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Ikyawann 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sushil says Satya today I shall win.Phui walking in kitchen,Nitesh stops her and says look sushil is making laddoos and they aren’t ready yet.

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