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Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Kali And Mehul See Each Other.


Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Episode Start With Sushil and Satya fall on bed,Satya gets up,sushil breaks the piggy bank while getting up,Satya says look you broke it, I was going to get vanilla ice cream for you,you would break that too,broke my piggy bank,sushil says sorry,Satya says I should say sorry, sushil says why should you,Satya says I said all that,Sushil says I keep breaking things,like this piggy bank,Satya says I got this piggy bank for you,use this money,and sushil all that is aid about bet,and you ran and then met with accident I’m so guilty,now use this money and be happy,sushil busy fixing piggy bank.

Sushil says thank you Satya but I cant accept it,it’s not your fault,Satya says means all ok between us,sushil says yes what did happen like something would go wrong,Satya says I wanted to clear things,sushil asks what clear it’s just a injury and now go quickly,Satya says god,and why open the door,I will go by window,sushil says then who told you to come like this,Satya says sorry and about to leave,sees Nitesh outside,Satya says don’t they sleep,sushil says even you are awake,Satya says let me wait here on sofa,and when all will fall asleep I shall go,sushil says ok.satya helps sushil rest,Satya says now sleep,sushil says I will wait for you,Satya says go to sleep,sushil says no I shall sleep after you go,Satya says your wish,sushil has her tablets.

Satya says bet you will sleep soon,sushil says I won’t until you go,Satya say syou had pain killers,sushil says no I won’t,Satya says bet then,sushil thinks what all is this happening,Satya and sushil both feeling dizzy,Satya thinks god when will I go from here,Satya and Suhail both fall asleep. Mehul enters and sees Satya sleeping on sofa and is shocked.and wakes sushil and asks what all Is this,what is he doing here,sushil wakes Satya,Satya wakes up,Satya says I actually.mehul asks what are you doing in her room,sushil says mapa he came yesterday to ask for my health,Mehul says I don’t say anything doesn’t mean,Satya says sorry uncle I fell asleep I shall save,Mehul says Dadaji and phui are out,don’t say you were here at night,they will feel bad,and have breakfast,Satya says no thank you uncle,Sushil says what Satya mapa cooks very tasty parathas,mapa I shall help you and stands,and stumbles, Satya holds her and later says I shall go freshen up.

Sushil says mapa I wanted to participate in cycle competition and win price to gift phui and Dadaji,and I had told Satya so he came here to give me money,Mehul says money,sushil says I didn’t take money mapa,and hugs him and says I always fail to keep you all happy,if I wouldn’t meet with this accident I would buy phui and Dadaji mobile and they would be so happy,Mehul says stop crying now calm down,I will prepare breakfast,Dadaji walks in and asks are you fine,sushil says yes,he says Mehul let’s go to garden,Mehul says yes but let me cook breakfast for her.

Bapu in garden with Mehul and phui says naresh and Nitish are good for nothing,they didn’t get any Sankrant check list I asked them too,Mehul says calm down I will get,Kali near by,Mehul makes phui and Bapu seat in auto and leaves to get the grocery.

Kali walks to Sushil’s house,she sees Satyas bike, she rings the bell,Satya open the door and asks ma you here,Kali says what are you doing here,Satya says what are you doing here,Kali says I came here to look after Sushil’s wound but you,Satya says first look after her then I shall tell,isn’t anyone home,Satya says yes they went temple,Satya and Kali go to Sushil’s room and Mehul enters house.kali says ma use bigger bandage her leg is big,Kali smiles and says yes I know and sushil I hope he isn’t troubling her,Satya says ma stop behaving like a teacher,Sushil’s ays aunty first he use to now we are normal,Satya says ma because now she understands me and my jokes now,Kali says Satya go get warm water,Satya says sushil don’t you ave help like we have Sarvesh,sushil says no one stays longer because of mapa kaka and mama,all run away,no worries I will get,Satya says no no you rest.

Kali says sushil do you have any relief spray, I forgot mine,sushil says I will get it,Kali says no just tell me,sushil says the drawer to the right,Mehul asks Satya what’s wrong,you in kitchen,Satya says needed warm water,ma is here for Sushil’s dressing,Mehul says oh I want to see her,Satya says she is in Sushil’s room.mehul goes to Sushil’s room and asks where is Satyas mother,sushil says she went to get spray in the room to the right.

Kali goes in the room and walks to the wall with picture frames and while trying to adjust one,she sees Mehuls reflection in it and is shocked,and sees all the pictures and remembers Kirans past,Mehul calls Kali and says hello,I spoke to you yesterday I’m Sushil’s dad Mehul,Kali turns around,Mehul shocked,and says you,Satya is your son,Kali remembers Satya say I love sushil a lot.

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Ikyawann 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : naresh tells Mehul that sushil told me they both love each other,Nitesh says we rejected proposal from their house how can we go now. Sushil stumbling and falling,Satya runs for rescue.

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