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Ishq Mein Marjawa 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arohi Sees Tara’s Room


Ishq Mein Marjawa 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawa 1st December 2017 Arohi recalls everything in dream. She wakes up and tries to stand. She comes to bathroom and slides in the warm waterr. She falls asleep there.
Tara chooses her dress. She says I will wear black because thats Deep’s favorite. Arohi falls asleep in the warm water. She slides in the warter. She is fainted. Arohi is drowning in the bath tub. Deep comes and takes her out. Deep says Arohi.. He takes her his bed that tara had decorated. Deep saays please open your eyes. Thank God her breath is running. Deep caresses her hand. He is worried. Deep says nothing would happen to you. Arohi coughs and wakes up. Arohi says where did you go? He hugs her. Arohi says please don’t leave me. I will die without you. I love you.

Tara gets ready and says today Deep will lose his mind. Deep caresses Arohi’s face and comes close to her. He kisses her forehead. Arohi hugs him.
Tara says for you, your Tara is ready Deep. Deep caresses Arohi’s face. He says I never want to see tears in your eyes. Arohi smiles. Tara comes out of her room. Tara is looking for Deep. She comes to his room and sees him sleeping naked with Arohi. Tara is dazed. She runs from there in tears. Arohi is asleep. Deep goes after her. Tara breaks stuff in anger. She picks her knife. Deep says please listen Tara. She says don’t come to me. Deep says calm down. She is about to stab him but stop. She goes towards Arohi. Deep says tara stop. What are you doing. Listen to me. She was dying in the bath tub. Tara says she better die. You are a cheater. I am Tara. I never give up. I will cut her into pieces.

Deep says Tara please stop. He goes towards her room. Deep says its not her mistake. If you touch her that wont be good for her. Tara says what did you say? Whose mistake is it then? Deep says don’t shout. Tara says she took my love from me and you are saying its not her mistake. I will cut her into pieces. Arohi wakes up Deep takes Tara from there. He says I told you it was a mistake. Tara says you did it intentionally. You love her right? You have fallen in love with her. DEep says yes I love her. You forced me into this. I am sick of your madness. I love her. i love Arohi. You heard it right. You are the reason behind it. Your craze has sent me away from you. I did everything for you. You always caught me in trouble. I kept saving you from your sins and crimes. You kept doubting me after all this I did for you. And there is Arohi she always trusts me. She always thinks about my happiness. She listens to me. Who won’t love a girl like her. Having her is my good luck. Arohi looks for Deep.

Tara says you cheater. She is about hit him. Deep holds her hand and says you behavior has sent me away from you. Control yourself or you will regret all your life. I will kill you. Prithvi comes and says you both are shouting and its audible downstairs. Please stop. Deep says I am sick and tired of lying to people and cheating. Tara says I am a burden on you? I don’t need your favors. I will go to police and accept all my crimes.

Arohi looks for Deep. She sees a whole near bookshelf. She comes in. She is dazed to see there is a room behind bookshelf.
Tara has already left to good to police. Someone stops her and gives her an i injection.
She wakes up somewhere in a dark bed. Tara says what kind of place is this? How did I come here? And my clothes are like patients. Who brought me here? Is someone there? Who dared closing me here? Open the door. Police siren blares. Tara is scared. She says who brought me here. There is a camera as well. Tara says why is there a camera? She says Deep please get me out of here. I know you locked me here. Tara screams in anger. She says I will kill you. She hits her head on the wall. Her head bleeds. She says I will kill you. Some nurses come in. They hold her. Nurse says she is hitting like a cat. He says I will break her. My name is Dr. Bhandari. I am animals human.

Arohi looks around the room. Deep comes there. Arohi says where did you go Deep? I looked for you everywhere. Why you leave me alone like this. This room. Whose room is this? I didn’t know there is a room behind the shelf. Deep says I have to go to office. I have to somewhere. He leaves. Arohi is confused.

Scene 2
Deep comes to Dr. Bhandari. He says it is very difficult to control her. She hit her head on the wall. Deep says her anger is out of control. That is why I kept her here. If she goes out she will kill Arohi. Bhandari says Arohi.. Arohi is there standing in shock.


Ishq Mein Marjawa 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arohi says what is all this Deep? Deeo is silent. Arohi says answer me Deep. Deep says today I will tell you everything true.

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Ishq Mein Marjawan Details

Ishq Mein Marjawan is an Indian television series broadcast by Colors TV. It stars Arjun Bijlani, Vineet Raina and Alisha Panwar in the lead roles. The show airs on Colors TV since 20 September 2017. The story is about the life of female protagonist Aarohi, who lives in Shimla with her family and her love of life, Deep Raichand, who comes in her life with hidden motive. In Pakistan, it airs on Filmazia.


Mihir Mishra
Harsh Vashisht
Arjun Bijlani
Arjun Aneja
Aalisha Panwar
Yash A Patnaik
Vineet Raina
Tuhinaa Vora

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min