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Ishq Mein Marjawa 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawa 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ridhi says of course its a yes. Maya says then tell me a mahorat. Ridhi says we are mod people we can marry whenever we want. Nikhil says yes. Arohi goes to her room. Ridhi says she is shy. Maya says Deep would be so happy.

Deep says to his siblings look at them. Who would say from their dress up that they are my siblings. His sister says thanks for calling us. We will now live here in your style. They both have come from abroad. Sanaya and Sushant meet everyone. Maya says change some decent clothes. Deep says what happened there? Maya smiles. She says its a yes. He smiles. Maya says congrats. He says what did Arohi say?

Arohi is walking in the markets. She recalls her family saying yes. She says this can’t happen. I can’t marry him.
Maya says to Deep don’t worry she will say yes. She will marry you. Sushant says oh this is why we are here. Sanaya says I wanted to go to. Raichange says start preparing already.

Arohi says I told him so many times. What does he think of himself. She says papa if you were bhaiya bhabhi couldn’t force me like this. I miss you mama papa. She is crying. She says you both are up there. You are seeing everything and you know why can’t I marry. I don’t know what to do. The old woman on the roads say fight. If your heart doesn’t agree say no. She says wrong relationship is suicide. Don’t do this. Don’t marry him. She says you are right.

Scene 2
Laksh comes to Deep’s house. Laksh says how are you? deep says you go every where uninvited. Laksh says you had such people in your party. Deep says I always have special people in my party. Laksh says I have court order today. I want list of guests of that party. Deep says I didn’t do anything. Laksh says no one would disturb your guests except for one.

Arohi says on call don’t worry. I will handle everything. I will go and talk to him. If he doesn’t meet or agree I will need your help. I think we both will have to do it together.
Laksh says that girl might have been going somewhere from where that old woman sits.

Deep says to Sushant why are you eating from chopsticks. They try to eat but can’t. Deep laughs. He gets a call. Its Arohi. She says what is this. Why did you send your mom. Why didn’t you ask my consent. He says I am sorry I should have come. She says come to sunset point. He says come home. SHe says I don’t want to come there. He says please I am stuck. She says okay. Arohhi comes to the house. Mayaj says welcome sweetheart. She gives her another gift. Arohi says I can’t take it. Maya says this is shagun dont’ say no. Sanaya says hi bhabhi. You are so pretty your hair are so soft. Sanaya says let me show you house. Sushant and Raichand meet her too. Arohi says I wanted to talk to Deep. They all leave.

Arohi says sit. He says what happened? Arohi says you didn’t ask me before sending proposal. He says I am sorry but you were my dream girl. She says do you love me? He says I can do anything for you? She says then cancel this wedding. He says what? Whats the problem? She says I can’t marry you I can’t tell you the reason. You will thank me one day for saving you from a wrong life partner. I can’t say no because of my brother but you can. Everyone will understand. deep says how will I answer people. Arohi says you will find another girl. Please try to understand. This love is one sided. He says I will keep you happy. she says I don’t want that. He says okay then I will say no. She says thank you so much. She hugs him. A vase falls. Arohi says sorry. He says for a moment at least you came near me. She says thank you for understanding. Please forgive me for hurting you. We can be friends tho. She shakes hands. He says friends. She says I will tell you why I said no for this proposal.


Ishq Mein Marjawa 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arohi calls her bf and says everything is fine now. Deep will say no. She hugs him. Deep sees her. Ridhi says Maya called.Arohi says he cancelled the wedding? Ridhi says wedding is after two days. Aroho says you cheater. She goes after Deep to kill him.


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