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Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi expose Tara, Tara’s suicide drama ahead


Ishq Mein Marjawan: Tara’s suicide drama Deep turns puppet against Anjali

Tara injures herself in anger. Deep finds her injury and gets her treated. Tara wants to know if Deep loves Aarohi. She is obsessed for Deep. She can’t bear anyone in Deep’s life again. Deep clears it to her that he just loves her, why will he believe any random girl. He believes Tara is Aarohi, whom he married willingly. Meanwhile, Anjali/the real Aarohi runs away from the mental asylum. She makes a new friend, who helps her meet Deep. Deep and Tara learn about her escape. Deep spots Aarohi and follows her to get her caught. He misses her. She flees and tries to secure herself from Tara.

ara is irked that Arohi has returned back as Anjali and is claiming her identity.Tara turns situation against Anjali and sends her to mental asylum, while this isn’t the end.Tara’s insecurity makes her take extreme step of commiting suicide which was just a drama to threaten Deep.Tara and Anjali’s face off ahead,Tara slits her wrist and threatens Deep while Deep who is madly in love with him rushes her to hospital and promises to never believe over Anjali.Tara’s mission seems to get successful and everything is going as per her plan.

Aarohi entered in the show again where she claims herself as Aarohi while no one is ready to accept this because of Aarohi changed face.However where further one more shocking twist is that not Tara but it was Deep who planned to throw out Aarohi where he fired Aarohi room leads to all this drama.Shocking reason behind Deep betrayal,Deep is aware that Tara is back and Tara will kill Aarohi where he pretended to kill Aarohi but in reality he makes Aarohi to escape and changed her face,So that she can start her new life, while Tara is too unaware of all this.

Deep finds Tara’s mood ruined because of Aarohi. He finds an idea to cheer up his wife. Deep and Tara have a romantic moment. Deep clicks her pictures. Tara loses her identity to get her love. She is happy to stay as Aarohi, as it gives her all the rights. Aarohi sees Deep and Tara together. She wants to tell Deep that she is his Aarohi. She knows Deep will never believe her. She spies on Tara to get a clue, which could expose Tara’s identity. Aarohi plans to use Tara’s weakness, that’s her anger and obsession for Deep to expose her truth.

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