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Ishq Mein Marjawan: Arohi’s against Deep on Media


Aarohi will take revenge from Deep. She uses Anjali’s identity and richness to settle scores with Deep. She doesn’t inform Deep and calls the media to Deep’s house. Aarohi wants to defeat Deep and make him pay for all the wrongs done with her. She troubles him to bring his truth out. She becomes a hurdle for his happiness. Deep and Tara get angry when the reporters ask them for the news byte for which they called media home. Deep tells them that he didn’t invite them. Aarohi tells the media that she has called them for a big news, they will know it soon. Aarohi and Deep have an argument.

Aarohi gets ready to face Deep. She says I told you that I will always stand in front of you and hit you, you tried so much but you couldn’t succeed. She has learnt that everything is fair in love and war.

She uses Virat as an aide to get an entry in Deep’s house. Reporters ask Aarohi was she waiting for Virat, what’s the big news. Virat asks the reporters to get seated, instead standing at the door. Virat takes them inside the house. Aarohi announces her marriage with Virat. She wants to get an entry in Deep’s house. She knows Virat is rightful owner of the house. Aarohi wants to kick out Deep and Tara from the house, as Roma isn’t alive to support Tara. Deep tells Aarohi that he will see who survives between them. Aarohi is ready to do anything to defeat Deep.

Arohi has learned Deep’s truth and what all he had done and what her intentions was.Arohi now decides to defeat Deep in his own game and uses Virat as her puppet and plans media dhamaka.Arohi invites media to Deep’s house for some announcement and Deep is shocked seeing media there.While Arohi marks entry and tells that she has announcement to make and calls Virat, Virat comes there.Arohi and Deep’s challenge,Virat announces that Deep’s house belongs to him as he is son of Raichand family and Deep is just son-in-law.

Arohi marks entry in Deep’s house using Virat and gives open challenge to Deep.

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