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Ishq Mein Marjawan: Mysterious jackpot in Aarohi’s hand, Arohi discovers Deep’s reason of betrayal


Ishq Mein Marjawan: Mysterious jackpot in Aarohi’s hand Deep to face off new trouble

The upcoming episode storyline of Ishq Mein Marjawan will witness ahead Aarohi’s game plan against Deep.Where on one side it is seen that Tara meets Virat and confesses that Anjali (Aarohi) knows everything about Tara.While Virat determines to search Anjali, here Aarohi meets real Anjali but before she would learn her past truth, Anjali meets accident and dies.Aarohi lost her last hope to know the truth, but there she gets a jackpot and that is Anjali’s phone and her key.Aarohi to take revenge from Deep.

Aarohi will now turn to take revenge from Deep and Tara, where she learned that Deep changed her face and tried to kill her, she will take revenge from Deep.It would be really interesting to watch how Aarohi will now become Anjali to get revenge from Deep.Arohi is trying to find truth why Deep had betrayed her and done all plastic surgery drama to unite with Tara.Arohi also tries to reach Deep’s truth and finds about real Anjali being in coma state and couldn’t understand anything.While soon Arohi will find major truth about Anjali being Deep’s sister and will confront Deep.Deep unfolds truth.

Deep will break down to unveil all truth as how Tara had captivated his sister and threatens to kill her.Deep tells that he had already lost his mother and can’t loose his sister Anjali and thus had done all this.

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