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Ishq Mein Marjawan: Untold truth that will change Aarohi’s life, Aarohi kidnapped


An untold truth that will change Aarohi’s (Nia Sharma) life in Ishq Mein Marjawan

And it seems that Deep (Arjun Bijlani) has decided to ruin Aarohi’s (Nia Sharma) life in Colors daily TV Show Ishq Mein Marjawan.Deep gets infuriated after Aarohi as Anjali comes to withdraw 80 crore rupees from Anjali’s bank account after rescuing Chawanni’s life.Furious Deep gets Aarohi kidnapped but from there also Aarohi manages to elope,But who knew that Deep will again trap Aarohi.Aarohi questions love.

Where Deep finally comes face off, Aarohi will now question Deep’s love for her.And so on Deep will be unveiling his true face to Aarohi, where Aarohi is already going through a trauma after facing Deep’s betrayal.It would be highly intense to watch what will happen now after Aarohi will come to know about Deep’s huge conspiracy behind killing her.Aarohi is happy after finding Chawanni alive, where Aarohi now decides to take revenge from Deep, she comes back to Anjali’s house hiding from Virat.

And there she finds Anjali’s bank passbook and she gets new hope after she finds that Anjali had 80 crore amount in her bank which is enough for her and Chawanni to survive,Thus she comes to withdraw money while there Deep gets infuriated after knowing Aarohi’s move and now he plays his big move.Deep and Aarohi finally face off,Where Deep’s goons kidnap Aarohi and captivate her, Deep comes to meet Aarohi while Aarohi manages to elope she gets stuck when Deep comes face off.

Deep kidnaps Aarohi shocking u turn ahead,Deep planned to kill Chwani to get Tara trust that he is on her side while Aarohi managed to save Chwani again.However where after all this Aarohi is again searching for Anjali identity where Deep reaches there and kidnaps Aarohi.

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